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Which blogging platform is best for making money? different individual will respond differently to this question depending on their personal experience. I personally love WordPress but there are yet others to explore.

So if you are looking for the best blog platforms to make money? then, this post has some of the best blogging platforms for making money and I also include the best free blogging sites to make money too, so you might want to read this post to the end.

It is very true that once it comes to blogging, making the right choice with regard to blogging platform can be very confusing for a beginner.

To be honest, if the truth is told, you are not alone in this. I was at this same exact spot when I first came into the online world.

And trust me when I say this, so many professional bloggers today started their blogging journey this same way so you are on the good part.

We understand how painful it can be when starting, that is why we are here to help you with all the information you need.

In this post, we will be looking at the best blogging platform for making money or as some newbies will always say ‘’the best blog platforms to make money’’.

And also, we’ll share with you their advantages and disadvantages which will give you the opportunity to choose the one that is best for you.

Here is what we will consider in this post

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But first, what is a Blogging Platform or a Blogging Site?

There are a lot of people out there who have no idea what blogging Platform is and that is why I want briefly give you hint. Well, we can simply say that a blogging platform also called a blogging site is the place or website that you can create and operate your blog. It is also known as a blogging software or service where you design and publish your post or articles so it shows up live to those visiting or reading  your blog.

As many people know it to be, it is a simple software platform called content management system (CMS) which allows you to build your blog without any knowledge of programming language.

These platforms simply provides you with pre-coded templates that allows you to design your site and start publishing almost immediately you have you site hosting.

Most blogging platform won’t cost you money but you have to be careful for those because most of them have limitations and when your try to upgrade it can become even more expensive when compared to those that charge for hosting fees from the beginning.

What is blog hosting?

Every blog or websites you see are using one form hosting server or the other to keep the blog online, else nobody can visit or access the blog/site.

This means that both the free and paid blogging platform all are use hosting servers to keep their platform online.

But the main difference between the free and paid blog sites to make money  is that, the free sites has limitations of how much you can make with it.

For free platforms, you will also experience traffic limitations, design and customization limits.  Besides you cannot also lunch your blog direct domain URL address on free on a platform.

What this  means is that, you won’t be able to have your blog hosted as  “yourdomainname.com” on a free platform instead what you will get on free platform is “yourname.thefreeplatformdomainname.com” . Which does not look professional at all?

If this the my blog where to be hosted on a free platform wordpress.com; you only access my blog at “ meritbloggers.wordpress.com”

But because it is self-hosted, that is why you can easily access it with meritbloggers.com  which is more memorable and professional looking.

This is why I recommend hosting your blog yourself.

There are a lot of self-hosting companies you can choose from to host your blog or site and make money, but the one I recommend is Bluehost.

Bluehost is cheap, fast and offers amazing template builders for your blog.

 You can read this post on how to start a blog with Bluehost and make money to see the necessary steps you need to starting your blog with Bluehost.

If you are still wondering “why would I have to pay for blog hosting when there are free options?”

Well, I will say free blog hosting platforms s are people that want a hobby blog and have little or no interest to make money from blogging.

Here are some of limitations that come with free blog platforms:

  • Full ownership of your blog domain name (example meritbloggers.com)
  • Lack of total control of content ( Your content can easily be delated)
  • Inability to fully make money with ads (including Google AdSense and other ad networks)
  • Limited access to plugins and other ways to customize your blog and monetize the blog.
  • Limited storage space
  • Limited access to premium themes to fully monetizes your blog.
  • And many more…

Here are the 6 Best Blogging Platforms for making money (Best Blog Platforms to Make Money)


Here are two different best blogging site for making money from the same company.

The WordPress.org is the CMS where you can develop or host your own blog with a self-hosting service provider like Bluehost and it has no limitations only the money commitment to buying hosting.

While WordPress.com  has limits same as all other free blog platform I have mentioned above and still will below.

Pros and Cons of WordPress.com
  • The Advantages: The platform gives users complete control over their blogs. Meaning that the website and all of its data belong to the owner. Note that WordPress.org is the best blog site to make money because it gives you the ability to add free, paid, and custom apps and theme to your blog with ability to add Google Analytics for tracking all activities. They are the best blog hosting site to make money.
  • The Disadvantages: one bad news about them is that Advert are been placed on all free sites without the owner’s consent and the profits from these ads will not come to you. This means that you can’t personally put advert to your site and make money from them, except you are paying for the hosting.


This is a free blogging platform that gives you a lot of themes to use on your blog for free. Blogger is own by Google and happens to be the best blogging platforms for beginners.

  • The Advantages: it is the best site to start a blog and make money as a newbie. One good thing about blogger is that it is easy to set-up and gives you access to analytics resources, such as statistics, social media connections, and comment tracking.
  • The Disadvantages: they don’t give site owners enough site templates for personalization sake. And also, you don’t have access to advanced blogging tools. The bad news is that Google can decide to suspend your blog or cancel it at any time of their choice.


Here is another free best blog hosting site to make money, they are also one of the best platforms to create online stores. Their basic plan gives you free SSL security and 500MB storage but comes with a subdomain. But in case you want to have your own domain identify, then you need to sign up for one of their premium plans.

  • The Advantages: Their hosted blog allows users to create sites with drag-and-drop tools which give the ability to customize sites through their web-based interface technology. Weebly also offers dozens of themes that you can use on your blog. Their free plans can be tried out on a trial basis before a purchase is necessary.
  • The disadvantages: They have limited built-in features for those using their free sites platform and it is not possible to add any new ones. And also, trying to integrate with third-party platforms is extremely limited. Another problem with them is that even the cheapest paid site plan of $8 per month, has limited access to features. For you to unlock the available features, you need to purchase the $49 per month site plan.

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This Medium is a bit different blogging platform from the other we have mentioned above because they are made up of a community of writers and bloggers.

Although with Medium, you can easily start and set up a basic web page, however, it’s not ideal for those looking to build an online business.

Note that Medium is more of a platform to write, have your articles read, and connect with others. But you would be able to put an advert on your site and you cannot own your audience.

  • The Advantages: their platform can be very easy to use, with an easy to handle interface, no setup required and very important, it is free.
  • The Disadvantages: they have limited features and once you use their free blogging platform, you cannot run your own Ads which means they are not the best site to make money blogging. Another bad news is that they control the followers and post, meaning once you close your account, you lose your followers.


This is a free micro-blogging, social networking platform and the best blog hosting site to make money. They have a social networking ability which makes it different from other best blogging platform for making money, meaning you can post multimedia and follow other users’ blog.

Their platform allows you to get approved for Google AdSense once you have a registered domain name.

  • The Advantages: they are free and easy to use, has an integrated social networking ability and let you to post multimedia in a short-form blog.
  • The Disadvantages: the platform doesn’t have enough features to expand your blog needs, meaning they lack plugins. Another bad news is that you can’t take your post to other platforms when you decide to go with WordPress.org or any other blogging platform.


This is one of the best blog site to make money and also known for its drag-and-drop software ability. They have a free version which is even more limited than the free version of WordPress blog. They don’t have enough customizations features on their free version and you will be stuck with Wix advert on your site.

With their paid version, wix is the best site to start a blog and make money from.

  • The Advantages: they are the best blog hosting site to make money and they allow small businesses to take advantage of all online opportunities. They provide you with drag-and-drop tools that are easy to use for a blog set-up. They also offer lots of diverse templates to choose from, as well as, apps from third-party owners.
  • The Disadvantages: any free blog you build with them will display the Wix branding and adverts. You wouldn’t be able to make money and utilize third-party apps with their free blog version. Another bad news is that any template chosen cannot later be changed, and also, only paid plans are able to participate in their e-commerce activities.

Which Blogging Platform is Best for Making Money?

Summary on best blogging site for making money

So finally, which blogging platform is best for making money? Well, if you followed all the above mentioned 6 best blogging platform for making money, you will notice that WordPress.org plus a paid web hosting plan such as Bluehost is the best site to start a blog and make money. and this is due to you having total ownership, flexibility, control on design and availability of resources to accomplish anything.

The reason why we recommend Bluehost as your hosting service provider for your WordPress blog is that they have incredible 24/7 online service and the best reputations as far as it has to do with web hosting.

The good news is that WordPress is free with a Bluehost premium plan, and you get a 1 year a free domain name to start your WordPress blog. They also give you access to thousands of themes, plugins, and other software integrations that will allow you to customize your blog as well as putting an advert on your blog the way you want it.

So in case you are serious about knowing the best blogging site for making money online and grow quickly, then we have successfully shared the 6 best blogging platform for making money the easy way.

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