10 Best Online Business to Start With No Money | Top 10 Most Successful Small Businesses With Little Investment

Best Online Business to Start With No Money

So today I wanted to quickly share ideas with on some of the best online business to start with no money.

In this 21st century, you don’t need a ton of startup cash to begin a successful internet business without investment off the ground.

Currently, we have plenty of home-based business ideas with low investment and high-profit potentials that you can grow simply by staying at home. 

In case you are interested in knowing the list of most profitable small businesses or most profitable businesses to start from home but don’t want to put a huge investment upfront, then here are recommended top 10 most successful small businesses you can start. And besides, they are among the list of most successful small businesses making people rich right now.

Some of them I have done and some I am still doing till date and so I can attest to their profitability.

SO if you are looking for some of my top 10 most successful small businesses to start with little to no money, then keep reading.

10 Best Online Business to Start With No Money | Top 10 Most Successful Small Businesses

No 1. Start a Drop Service Business.

So the first online and most profitable businesses to start from home is “drop Service Business”

Starting a drop service business is one business idea that has very high-profit potentials and yet it will almost require no money to start up.     

If you don’t know what a drop service business is, here I what it means and how to go about it.

A drop service business is a services business where you render services to people who are willing to pay you higher price and then you can outsource or have someone else complete the task for you at a lower price for what you had charged your client.

The only investment required for these types of business is money to develop your website and the money to promote your services to the right kind of people willing to pay you.

Then whenever you get an order, you easily send the job you worker on Fiverr or Upwork then pay him a fraction from the money you charged your client.  It’s as simple as that.

Details on how to execute these ideas if on this video I made last week. Watch it for more steps to starting properly.

Some high selling drop service business you can start today includes:

  1. Logo Design Services
  2. Website Design Services
  3. Video Editing Services
  4. Article writing  and text editing  services
  5. Book Cover Services
  6. Copywriting Services.

So for each of the service listed above, you can charge the client anything around $50 to $500 then you get someone on Fiverr to do the job for $5, $10, $20 or Even $100 depending on the services you pick to rending.

You just need to price your services higher than you can get it done for you on Fiverr or Upwork and other freelance sites or even locally by some you can hire in your area.

You can get your hosting for your website on Bluehost which is the hosting company I recommend which great services and also cheap too.

No 2.  Be A Social Media Manager

The first best online business to start with no money Social media manager and it cost no money to get started. All you need is the knowledge to manage people’s account.

One of the reasons I added this as top on this list of most profitable businesses is because lots of business owners need help in managing their social media presence and you can be the one doing that for them while getting paid.

Sometimes, they need to tweet on Twitter, post on Instagram and post on Facebook in order to raise awareness of their brand and promote their products.

If you already know how to use these platforms and many other social media platforms, then you have the advantage of becoming a social media manager.

The startup cost is zero except you do not have the knowledge to manage and grow social account then you can spend a little money to pay for a course that can teach you what you need to know to be successful on this. Udemy is place look for a cheap course on anything.

No 3.  Become an SEO Consultant

The next on this list of business ideas with low investment and high profit is being an SEO consultant or specialist.

The acronyms  “SEO” simply means search engine optimization, which is the practice of optimizing web pages, advertisements, and other online content so that it is more likely to be ranked higher on Google and related search engines.

In case you are a data-driven and internet savvy person, then this is a good internet business without investment just for you.

But ensure to have a good handle on Google Analytics, as you will likely be using it time and time again.

No 4.  Try Getting Into Affiliate Marketing By Blogging.

One of our top 10 lucrative businesses you can start with no money is affiliate marketing. You can make sale commissions by recommending other people’s products or services that you don’t own. Sometimes, an affiliate marketer recommends these products and services by running their own blogs, websites, and email lists. But to start this business, you need to learn different online marketing strategies like SEO and content marketing to build your audience.

This is one the business model I have introduced on my blog that has increased my monthly income.

I Like to do affiliate marketing through my various niche blogs. I will have an article or video post in how to do this coming up on Merit Bloggers channel and blog soon. So stay tuned in.

If you also do not want to even do affiliate marketing, you can just start a blog grow the traffic and make real money from Google AdSense and sponsored post or through your course.

A good company to host your blog for cheap is Bluehost, they also give you a free year domain registration and when you use my affiliate link here you will get an additional $10 discount.

This article On how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost shows you exactly how to set up your blog from start to finish.

No 5.  Be An App Developer or Builder.

One of the most profitable small businesses to start now is app development. The reason is that smartphones are everywhere, the demand for new and creative apps is becoming popular more than ever. There are countless of apps selling every day, so taking the time to develop and sell a mobile app may be worth your time since it’s a very lucrative way to earn money online. Remember that a well-performing app can make thousands of dollars in ad revenue each month for their creators, which is a great passive income strategy.

No 6.  Be A Virtual Assistance

Here is one of our top ten most profitable businesses anyone can start, in case you have a phone, a computer, and internet access, you can be a virtual assistant (VA).

Sometimes the work can be very different with each client, however, it may include preparing reports, editing jobs, social media management, researching, appointment-setting and many other services.

This is a great work-at-home opportunity and something many people can do, and of course, to make more money, your goal should be to hire other virtual assistants at some point. This is where making it drop service Virtual assistance comes in so are able to start scaling the business to six, seven-figure monthly.

No 7.  Become  A Graphics Designers

The next most profitable businesses to start from home is that you become a graphics designer. The demand for this is getting even higher every day by day as social media keep exploding and new businesses coming online.

As a graphic designer, you make money by creating images, business logos, website designs, sales pages, and lots more. Graphic designing is the most profitable businesses to start from home as it has a massive industry with tons of business and career opportunities.

However, to become a graphic designer, you will need to learn how to use professional design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. You can take some training on it and improve your skills. To learn this skill you take a course on it if you don’t already have the required skills to perform your role. Go to Udemy and look for a course you will like to master and then pay 11 dollars during promo time to get the training on a discount and you are good to go.

No 8.  Buy and Sell Domain Names

A lot of people buy and sell domain names to earn money online since it’s a business idea with low investment and high profit. To start, you can purchase a domain at its registrar’s price or even at a much cheaper price and then resell it for a profit. However, it will good to do your homework first on websites such as www.Afternic.comwww.sedo.co.uk or other domain auction websites in order to have some ideas of what’s popular in terms of domain names. One method to find good names is to check out many expired names at www.expireddomains.net, where you can just put in some keyword that you want in the domain name and a long list of domain options will come up.

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No 9.  Become A Writer

In you find it difficult to manage a blog and you have writing passion, you can write for other sites or blogs like PayPerPost, Textbroker, or Helium.

Or you can become a freelance writer and write for the client via elance.com, upwork.com, fiverr.com, etc. Sometimes writing an interesting e-book may also be another option for you as well.

This is because e-books do not have any printing or shipping cost, and this makes them a viable investment.

However, in case you are not too sure what to write about, then check out the list of what clients want on www.fiverr.com to help cure your writing block.

No 10.  Become A Business Coach

In case you are the type that helps people achieve success through coaching, then you may enjoy this line of work.

Instead of being hired as a consultant to help people solve their business problems, you can help people find success by focusing on their personal development. Although this might involve you mastering time management, putting an end to procrastination, improving decision making, and ultimately, knowing how to get your clients to take action.

With this, you won’t just be giving advice (that’s what a consultant does), but instead, you’ll help people to figure out how they can do it themselves. If you want to learn more, you can check out this Udemy course on becoming a business coach at www.Udemy.com/coaching

No 11. Create A YouTube Channel

One business ideas with low investment and high profit is making videos and then become a YouTuber. This is one of my best online businesses to start with no money.

 And I have built a business around this myself I make income on monthly bases from YouTube as we speak.   

All you need a camera or your smartphone and then an editing software.

Currently, YouTube is the largest video hosting platform in the world, and also, the second most popular search engine, and a massive global community of video content creators.

YouTube will allow anyone to upload their videos, create channels, and also make money via advertisements, sponsorships, and deals. Many YouTubers today makes millions of dollars each year, and there are also thousands of YouTubers earning a six-figure income online.

If you can create videos on any trending topic, then you can upload videos on educational channels such as List25 or WPBeginner, video reviews, cooking channel, or on almost anything, you can think of.

Conclusion on the top 10 most successful small businesses

Now you have it! I truly understand that finding the right kind of internet business without investment can be tedious, that is why I made these of my top 10 most successful small businesses you can start from home with a bonus for you making it 11 top lucrative businesses to start home online and with little money. I recommend you get started immediately because the longer you wait the more opportunities you are letting slide you by.

On this list, YouTube and blogging/affiliate marketing is favourite which I am currently doing and then drop servicing is the next one want to venture into.

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