How Much Does a Blog & Website Cost Per Month and Per Year

Hi, so today I will break down how much it will cost you to build or start website depending on the kind of site you like to build, be it a blog, a business website or an ecommerce store.

In this day and age if your business does not have a website it more likely you are missing out a lot of opportunity.

A whole lot people at one point or the other have bought product or services you render online through the website of your competitor.

So you see, if you don’t have one for your business, you are missing out on opportunities to expand and reach more customers.

And that is why in this post, I will be explaining how much it costs to build a website for small businesses as well as how much it costs to start a blog and even an ecommerce store.

These prices are estimated so they vary a lot depending on a particular situation need, so even if you are a developer and you are wondering how much to charge for website design and maintenance of your clients’ site, you will surely benefit for this post.

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So How Much Does it Cost To Build A Website For A Small Business

Well the answer is going to depend on 3 factors which are:

  1. Hire a web developer
  2. And customization Level or complexity of the site.
  3. Do it yourself
  4. The hosting company/ Domain register You choose
  5. The types of site you want to build

Those are all what tells how much you finally spend to build or design your site or blog.

So let’s begin with the first that is if you are hiring someone or web developer to do it for you.

Hiring a Web Developer

In the United States, hiring a developer to build a website for small business can costs between $100 and $2700. Basically, the breakdown of this cost would be divided into three which are:

  • Cost for domain name – Registering a domain range anywhere around $8.8 to $50 per year, depending whether it is a dot net, dot com, or a dot org and also the registrar wish to register the domain with. Namecheap is the cheapest and where I register most of my domain.
  • Cost for web hosting – host is totally depend on the hosting company you decide to use. This usually ranges around $30 to $1000 per year. Bluehost and Namecheap offers the most affordable price on hosting and domain registration. You can register and buy a hosting yourself directly and then have a web developer design it for you to reduce cost and to have control of your business.
  • Labor cost – This is totally dependent on how simple the site design will be. On average a simple site with just few pages will cost around $100 labor cost minimum and as the site design gets even more complex, the price goes up?

How Much Does a Website Cost Per Month US.

So let’s break down each the cost so you get it fully.

The cost for a “new dot com domain name” of a small business in the United States goes for an average amount of $15 per year, while that of web hosting is an average of $8 per month.

If you get a cost effective web developer, you could build a website for a small business in the United States for as low as $110 per year.

However, it is very pertinent to expound that these costs vary largely, as a result of a lot of factors involved in building a website.

Don’t be surprise that the cost to build a small website in the United States could also be as high as $2,000 to $10,000, depending on two major factors such as the size of the website and the complexity of the website.

It is only logical that a simple 10-page educational website with average customization will cost far less than a 70-page website with complex customization and high features.

In addition, getting an SSL certificate for your small business website influences the cost for web development.

Some domain registrar offers this for free will other charge chunk of money annually for just this feature in addition to buying the domain itself, hosting and other stuffs.

Namecheap domain registrar as of the writing of this article offers this for free while Bluehost offers the SSL certificate for free for the first 1 year and after that you pay for it subsequent years.

For a small business, the minimum you will probably spend to secure an SSL certificate is an average of $10 per year.

For extra details, here is a list of how much some of the Top domain registrar and  hosting providers charge for small business websites in the United States:

  • Namecheap ( free)
  • ($2.95 per month after first year),
  • ($5 per month)
  • ($2.64 per month).

The cheapest plan comes from 1& which is $1 per month.

The theme that you would be using for your small business website also has a share in the total cost.

Typically, small business websites require WordPress themes. The themes for small business websites range from as low as $10 to as high as $50, but this cost can be waived if you go for a free theme.

How Much Does a Website Cost Per Month UK and Per Year

In the UK, the cost for building a website for a small business ranges between £500 and £1000.

Here, the features would basically include several pages, a ‘Google my Business’ page, social media integration, and Google Analytics and Maps.

The cost of building a website for a small business in the United Kingdom can be broken down into two: upfront costs and ongoing costs.

For the upfront costs, the small business would have to pay an estimate of £500 to £1000, depending on the kind of web developer that would be employed to do the job.

Thereafter, the small business would spend between £2.99 and £100 per year for the domain.

The total upfront costs for building a website for a small business in the United Kingdom would be approximately £502.99 to £1,100.

On the other side of the coin, is the ongoing cost which includes fees for hosting and content updates.

In regard to hosting, the small business could be charged an estimated amount ranging from £3 to £45 per month.

For content updates, the charges could range from £0 to £30 per month. The total ongoing costs may therefore be about a minimum of £3 and a maximum of £75, as the case may be.

Basically, the most important thing to keep in mind in determining how much it costs to build a website for a small business in the United Kingdom is that the quotes are subjective.

Since website design is a service and not a product, the costs would vary from developer to developer. A developer could charge £500, while another could charge as much as £2000 for same type of website development.

How Much Money Does It Cost To Start A Blog and How Much Does a Personal Website Cost Per Month/Year

Currently, how much money it costs to start a blog ranges from $34.50 to $65.40. However, these estimations are subjective to factors such as quality of blog theme, the web hosting platform, and service fee of the blog developer.

You should also keep in mind that there are different categories of blogging which come at varying costs.

For instance, the amount it costs to start a Hobby Blog is estimated at an average cost of $34.50, while the cost to start a Side Hustle Blog is estimated at an average of $65.40. However, a Full-time Blog will cost as high as $1000 to start.

In order to know how much you would be spending to start a blog, it is necessary to first of all determine which kind of blogger you want to be.

Do you want to be a Hobby Blogger, a Side Hustle Blogger or a Full-time Blogger?  And if so would be willing to develop it yourself. It is not difficult.  This article here shows you step by step how you lunch you blog yourself with Bluehost

Another factor that influences the cost of starting a blog is the kind of hardware device you would be using.

As a Hobby Blogger, you don’t need to spend so much; the average cost is $0 to $200 for a decent laptop you can use to post content.

As a Side Hustle Blogger, it may cost you $600 to $2000 to get a computer with higher performance rate you would need.

If you would be starting out as a Full-time Blogger, then you need a more devices to aid you with both designing the layout of your blog and publishing post.

If you going for a windows PC the price could range from $400 all the way to $2000 depending of the brand and model you decide to get.

And if it’s a MacBook Pro, it ranging from $1,000 to $2,600 to purchase one.

If you already have a laptop then you are good, this expenses if out of the way.

Also, the average hosting cost for starting a blog is as follows: Hobby Blogger ($2.95 per month), Side Hustle Blogger ($5.45 per month), and Full-time Blogger ($7.45 per month). Remember, these costs are just estimations.

They vary, depending on the hosting provider hired. The most recommended web hosting provider is

How Much to Charge for Website Design and Maintenance?

So if you are a developer and wondering how much to charge for website design and maintenance, well my response to you is to price your services whatever you deem while considering the rates above and your experience as well as your general brand.

If you are a well-established developer, off cause you should higher and new upcoming developer can charge a little lower.

The estimated rates  you should charge as US developer  be in-between $100 to 2000 or more depending what your client’s needs. But please don’t rip people off.

Conclusion On How Much Does A Website Cost Per Month And Per Year

In conclusion, this is all you there is to know about how much it costs to build a website and to start a blog.

If you are ready to follow your passion for blogging or starting an online business then, now is the time!

And trust me even if you are on a very lower financial budget, you can hire affordable developer on Fiverr  or better do it yourself following a tutorial. You design your site following this article here

I hope this post how much it cost to build a website for a small business and blog was helpful to you?

Please share it if helped you and be sure to bookmark this page too for feature reference.

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