6 Reasons why you should use Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi (Clickfunnels vs Kajabi)

6 Reasons why you should use Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi: In today’s business, the use of software tools and other business strategies to grow brands and generate more leads cannot be overemphasized. Getting the tools and knowing which one would serve effectively for the purpose it was bought requires you having proper knowledge such as knowing the features, how it functions and the efficiency.

In this article, I shall be discussing on two important sales funnel tools namely; Clickfunnels and Kajabi, the features and also list out 6 reasons why you should use Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi. When it comes to credibility and reliability, the two are quite okay. But, certain software features in one might surpass the other.

When comparing these two software tools, you should first know what is Clickfunnels and Kajabi. In a simple term. Clickfunnels is an online sales funnels that business owners use to advertise and sell their products/services through the internet. Kajabi is a software/platform that can be used to create a content delivery for your online courses to help promote a product and also, it can be used to build a website.

To run a business campaign successfully, you can use any of these web-based platforms. No doubt, they are good. Modern businesses need a reliable, fast and complete sales funnel to make more sales. The ability to use any of these platforms to generate more leads gives a particular platform an edge over the other.

If you’re seeking for information on Clickfunnels vs Kajabi which is better. Here are features of both online sales platforms.

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Kajabi vs clickfunnels 2020

Let’s look the features of each software today, beginning with Clickfunnel. The we will discuss the Reasons why you should use Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi.

Features of Clickfunnels

  • A dashboard display for monitoring business activities
  • CRM and email autoresponder
  • Comes with a pre-built funnel templates
  • Membership database management
  • API connectors
  • Landing pages
  • Drag and drop interface
  • SMS management
  • Visitor tracking
  • Social media integration

Features of Kajabi

  • Website/blog management
  • Affiliate platform
  • Custom forms
  • Customer database
  • Discussion board
  • Email integration
  • Electronic payment system
  • Video management
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Third-party integration
  • Code editor
  • A course list

Considering the importance of using a sales funnel in growing your business, listing out some of these notable features of both software tools gives you an insight why many business owners who are part of business to business (B2B) prefer using Clickfunnels software instead of Kajabi to promote a business via the internet.

Ideally, the work of an online sales funnel is to drive massive traffic to your website and tactically make your leads to becoming actual customers. With an effective sales funnel, you can promote a product/service. The features in the software tool you use is what makes the work easy for you.

As we continue to compare between Clickfunnels vs Kajabi which is better, here are reasons to support why many business owners result to using Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi.

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6 Reasons why you should use Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi

  1. Price

In terms of price, Clickfunnels is lower than Kajabi. You can start with the basic plan which goes for $97 for one month. While the cheapest plan for Kajabi is $129 a month. Having a much lower budget is one of the reasons business owners prefer using Clickfunnels instead of Kajabi. The features and the price tag is sufficient to make one dump Kajabi for Clickfunnels. click offers a free trial period which you can try here

  • Membership database management

Clickfunnels is better when it comes to membership database management. Using Clickfunnels basic plan is not limited to a certain number of sign up. Members can join your program and there is no restriction on that. On the contrary, with Kajabi, it only accepts 1000 members to join your program for the basic plan. However, Kajabi still offers an unlimited number but, this fee is super higher than that of Clickfunnels. The same unlimited number for Clickfunnels that is purchased at $97 per month is sold for $899 to get this offer at Kajabi.

The unlimited signup membership feature is a factor you should consider when you are looking for a sales funnel that would suit your membership-based business and Clickfunnels is that platform that allows such.

  • Clickfunnels is user-friendly

To use a software should not be only for people with special skills like coding but, designed for everyone with a simple command on how to use such software. This is why Clickfunnels is described as marketing made easy. The features in Clickfunnels are easy to use. For beginners, there is no training. There are no much technicalities; features like the landing pages and other features allows you to create all your sales pages, online courses opt-in and opt-out pages, can be created and linked together in a single platform.

  • Host Extra domains per package

Clickfunnnels is one of the best platforms that allows more domains to be hosted within their account. The importance of this is to enable users create and manage products separately and not on one website. What this means is that with the extra domains, you can list a single business but with different products/services on the platform with the aim to generate more leads. And as for Kajabi, the case is not same. The platform does not allow an extra domain not even on other expensive plans. Kajabi only permit you run one domain on their account.

  • The checkout landing pages

Both Clickfunnels and Kajabi have checkout landing pages but, Clickfunnels has a superior checkout landing page. Checkout pages can be described as a website page displayed to a customer during checkout process. Checkout process is that process a customer passes through when checking out the items in the cart.  A checkout page can be one-page and multi-page checkout. Clickfunnels checkout pages are simple to use unlike Kajabi which the checkout process is not all that simple.

  • Superior CRM

Another reason why Clickfunnels is ahead of Kajabi is the CRM feature. Clickfunnels provides detailed information about all your customers and have them displayed on your dashboard. This is done to enable you segment your email marketing lists. The templates are well designed. Clickfunnels CRM is a building software that you can use to design and build high-converting landing pages.

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From the analysis shown here, Clickfunnels has an edge over Kajabi. Clickfunnels and Kajabi have mazing features that can be used to make more sales. But, the purpose for using any of the platforms differs in a little way. Clickfunnels is a robust online sales funnel builder. It is mainly used for building sales funnels; it can be used to promote digital and physical products/services while Kajabi is very ideal for selling only digital products. Although, Clickfunnels and Kajabi are used for building and growing sales, the functions are not exactly the same. Clickfunnels is specifically used to create sales funnel geared to make more sales while Kajabi platform is for creating and displaying your online courses with the aim of making more sales.

Please note: Before getting any of these software’s, it is vital you understand which will be more suitable for your business.

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