GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign which is better? (Best Email Marketing Software Comparison)

When you are looking to start and grow an online business it very vital you also grow your email list if you really want to make consistent sales and own your traffic. And this is where Getresponse and Activecampaign email builder comes in handy to help you grow your list so you can make more money

The truth is both email marketing software in comparison are very good but some persons prefer one over the other

As for me I personally love GetResponse for the reason I will soon discuss below.  

Best Email Marketing Software Comparison | GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign which is best for you?

So the essence of using an email marketing platform is to create relationships with customers to generate leads and make sales. But knowing the best platforms or tools to use can be quite challenging.

When it comes to running a business campaign, the two popular methods individuals who are run an online business normally use to scale their business are GetResponse and ActiveCampaign.

And this is because the deliverability of the emails sent out by these bulk email marketing solutions are amazing.

If you are looking for an effective way on how to spur buyers into action, you can use GetResponse or ActiveCampaign email marketing software to build new relationships and develop business prospects too especially when it is carried out in an accurate way.

Mind you, building relationship using any of these email marketing software requires hard work but if you do the work, both platforms will sure increase your income drastically, as you keep learning and understanding how they help you make wise business decisions.

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GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign which is better?

 So let get start with GetResponse.

GetResponse Review:  What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing software platform that can be used for content creation, help in generating leads and drive traffic to your website that may end up as your potential customers. On the other hand, ActiveCampaign is also an email marketing automation with a CRM software tool for the sole purpose of creating customer relationships and increase sales.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are all about, you knowing the similarities and differences will determine which one is best for you. First, I will lists out some of the features of GetResponse and ActiveCampaign software tools.

Common Features of GetResponse software includes the following:

  • An auto sales funnel
  • Landing page builder
  • Targeted email marketing services
  • webinars
  • Has an API and integration system
  • Synchronizes well with Ecommerce
  • CRM forms and surveys
  • Autoresponders
  • AL ability
  • Machine learning

Features of ActiveCampaign software

  • It has a CRM software tool
  • An automation map
  • Machine learning
  • Site messages
  • An email division
  • AL ability
  • Auto responders

Get Response Pricing vs ActiveCampaign pricing 2020

GetResponse Pricing   ActiveCampaign Pricing  
  Getresponse pricing begins from $15 for 1000 email contact to $1000 for 100k email contacts.    See More prices & free 30 days Trail here   ActiveCampaign pricing begins from $17 for 1000 email contact and $9 for 500 contacts up to $390 for 100k email contacts. Get free 14 days trials more price listing here  

If you’re looking for reviews on GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign which is best for you, then you should check on the advantages and disadvantages of using any of the email marketing platforms.

Both platforms are trusted email marketing tools. There are similarities and differences between the two. Here are some things GetResponse and ActiveCampaign share in common. Sales and CRM feature, email and site messages. Basically, the two are used for marketing purposes. Together GetResponse and ActiveCampaign software tool can produce results real fast if well utilized. Although they are effective marketing tools, there are differences between the two.

List Building Program

GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign: Differences between both

  • Landing pages. GetResponse software comes with a landing page but, ActiveCampaign does not come with such feature
  • Webinar feature: Another feature that differentiates GetResponse from ActiveCampaign is that it has a webinar feature, while ActiveCampaign only allows a third-party integration plugin to be able to run such service.
  • Site messaging: In GetResponse, you have the opportunity to contact your subscribers by email while in ActiveCampaign, there is email contact and site messaging too.
  • Zapier Integration: ActiveCampaign can integrate with more than 150 different tools through its Zapier integration but, there is no such thing in GetResponse platform.

Before you make the final decision on the software to get, knowing just the features of these software tools are not enough. Therefore, stating down the benefits and detriments of using any of these platforms would also help you to decide.

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Benefits of using ActiveCampaign software tool

  1. Easy set up

ActiveCampaign has a simple and an easy setup interface. You do not need to be a techy person before you can use the ActiveCampaign software tool. The software is user- friendly that it only necessitate you go through the user guild and straight away you can start crafting amazing email campaigns that would generate leads. Interesting enough, during the installation process, there is a pointer showing you the steps. With this pointer, it saves you time and provides direction on how to use.

  • Machine learning

ActiveCampaign has a machine and AL abilities. This helps you to make the right decision that will be effective so as generate more leads

  • Zapier integration

This is for the purpose of integrating your account to another. And zapier, is the service that handles the integration process of ActiveCampaign automation tool.

  • Free migration

With ActiveCampaign, you can move from one software to another. If you are less-satisfied using active campaign software, you can move to another without you losing any data. All you need to do is to reset your license, move your database and connect the migrated installation to your new server’s database and then activate it.

  • It has a lot of features and CRM

ActiveCampaign has great targeting features with good templates and add-ons for effective marketing

  • Active campaign is pocket friendly

It is surprising to see an automation software with great features, yet, it is affordable. ActiveCampaign pricing starts at $9/ month.

  • It has a complete email marketing automation and CRM platform.

ActiveCampaign has incredible features that helps to generate leads, build relationships and prospects. The email marketing automation is used to maximize your email strategy.

The disadvantages of ActiveCampaign

You may be wondering if it is possible for software with all these amazing features to have any disadvantage. No doubt, ActiveCampaign is a magnificent automation software, however, a little flaw when using it can be counted as a disadvantage.

The noticeable disadvantages is that there is no inherent interaction. Which requires a third party plugin. With this, an additional charge will be required.

Also, business owners may not have enough time to know how the software works and decide immediately if it is the best option. The free trial only lasts for 14 days which is not sufficient to know how efficient the software would be.

Against whereas get response offers 30 days’ free trails. You can get try GetResponse free trial here and ActiveCampaign free trial here 

GetResponse review

GetResponse is also a strategy for email marketing. You make your choice on GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign which is best for you, here are benefits of GetResponse software.

Benefits of GetResponse Automation Software

  1. The email creator is user- friendly
  • Using GetResponse has an already optimized email for multiple devices, with the idea of it reaching many people.
  • It has a well-designed dashboard

You can see and track sales through the GetResponse dashboard. It gives you the opportunity to see how many contacts received the email you sent and also, from the dashboard, you will know how many people opened the mail.

  • It has a webinar

Using GetResponse there won’t be need to spend an additional cost on a third party plugin. With the webinar, you interact with your customers.

  • In-built templates
  • In-build funnel templates

GetResponse has an intuitive template that is well-designed

Disadvantages of GetResponse Software

  • SMS messaging and chat not included
  • Drop and drag needs improvement


When it comes to choosing between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign, you may have to consider the one that its features best suits your desire. The interesting thing about these two software automation tools is that they are credible, reliable and greatly effective for email marketing.

Having gone through the features, benefits and cons, you can make your decision. However, it is important that you know which one will be suitable as it regards the size of your business. What you should know about ActiveCampaign vs GetResponse: GetResponse platform is ideal for small-to-mid and large-sized businesses. While ActiveCampaign software is a complete marketing automation tool that can help increase traffic for mid-sized and large businesses.

With $15 you can grow your list up to 1000 email contact against $17 for 1000 contact or $9 for 500 contacts

Using any of these platforms can help build customer relationship and generate leads. The very much difference between the ActiveCampaign and GetResponse is that GetResponse has webinar and landing pages. But, if you do not see these features as vital, then you should focus more on getting GetResponse software because it will cost-friendly till you email contact list start getting larger.

You can get try GetResponse free trial here and ActiveCampaign free trial here

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