How do I Create a YouTube Channel for My Business

When you are thinking of starting or expanding your business to YouTube, the first thing that will come to your mind is “how do I create a YouTube channel for my business?” and the steps are simple.

The hard part is growing your channel which discussed partly here in this article showing types of a faceless channel to start and how to make it successful.

Most people say YouTube is oversaturated or too competitive but I like to say not it not and it’s not too late to begin.

That is why I am confident writing this post now to show how to create a YouTube channel for your business because I believe so much in YouTube. The Merit Bloggers’ channel is my new channel ii just started after growing my personal here to over 200k plus subscribes within 3years.

Now I am no longer uploading frequently there but I will soon when I have reduced some of my workloads.

Sorry, I deviated back to the topic, “how to create a business YouTube channel?”.

So was saying, any businesses whether online or offline that are not using video marketing is actually losing lots of customers or online followers and potential sales.


Numbers don’t lie, the more following you get who are interested in your services the more sales which equates to more money.  A YouTube’s business channel’s growth though is unparalleled when it comes to traffic, revenue and an ardent user-base that just can’t get enough of your video content.

However, the good news is that currently, there are endless options for many brands regardless of their target audience or budget.

Do you want to create bite-sized video commercials to attract new customers? 

Then YouTube business channel is what your business needs right now.

Below are the steps to follow on how to make YouTube channel for business, lets one thing clear.

Any channel on YouTube can be business or personal channel; it all depends on the branding and access you have granted to your staff and all that.

For instance, my personal  channel here  can also be a business channel if I decide to change the name to my business name, take off any personal stuff I have posted there and just rebrand totally to a business.

So there is no specific feature that  YouTube differentiate or classify a business channel and a personal channel like you get in Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest other than the fact that you are the one that will make the channel a business.

Now you have that in mind, let’s get to how to create a channel and then makes it a business channel.

Below are my responses to your thought “how do I create a YouTube channel for my business”

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Steps On How to Create a Business YouTube Channel

When you are looking at how to set up a YouTube account for business, first thing first, you will need a Google account. That means you must have a Gmail.

You cannot create a YouTube channel with a yahoo mail or any other email provider. So with that, let’s see how to create the gmail google account.

So here we go How to Create a Google Account for Business YouTube channel.

Creating a Google Account

  • You will have to create an account for Google services, that is a Gmail account.
  • Please ensure you don’t use your personal Gmail account if you are using it for business. You can register a separate Google account exclusively for your business. By doing so, you can have employees managing the business YouTube account (or any other Google products) without them having access to your personal emails.
  • Although it is possible to operate a business YouTube channel with your personal Gmail account and still keep your Gmail private from employees/assistants via their permission settings. However, it is much easy to keep things straight by having a separate personal from the business Google account separately. It’s like having a personal banking account as well as a business banking account.
  • In case you don’t have a Google business account and you want to have a dedicated account for your business, then just Google or follow this link to start the process. Below is what it will look like.
  • Just for illustration purposes, you can create a Google business account such as: shown above image

  • But in case you already have a dedicated Google account for your business, then no need to create another.
  • And if you don’t already have an account create a new one. Simply click on create account button
  •  And then click to manage my business (seen shot above)
  • Now enter all your details in the following page and click to create an account(see below shot)
  • When if creating the account, just log in to the account. After which, visit YouTube’s homepage.
  • The sign in
  • Once there, click on the avatar icon within the top right corner of your screen
  • Then click on your channel from the drop-down menu.
  • To create a YouTube channel for Business, click “Use a business or other name” and this will lead you to a screen where you can enter your business or brand’s name.
  • After which, click “Create” to activate your new YouTube business account.


You should be aware that there is a lot of interesting feature in any given YouTube channel, however, there are some features that are a must-have for business brands.

You can check out the “Customize Channel” link which will redirect you to a screen that tells you what your channel needs to be more like to be complete.


You should ensure that you have designed a graphical image for your channel that represents what your brand is all about before anyone actually views your video content. The image should be just as you have a dedicated banner and icon for your Facebook or Twitter, your YouTube business shouldn’t be different.

Below are YouTube graphic images dimensions for any channel:

  • For channel icon: the recommended pixels is 800×800, while the displays is 98×98 pixels
  • For channel banner: should be 2,560×1440 pixels, and for the safe area for mobile and web (without text and logo cropping) is 1546 x 423 pixels.

Knowing that these dimensions are relatively large, you should go for a high-res images instead of pictures that could get cut off or distorted. You should get a graphic designer or use some resources such as canva, which are invaluable as you can craft such images in a matter of minutes because they have ready-to-go templates designed for YouTube channels.

Moving to your channel icon. Once you want to change your icon for the first time, YouTube will provide you with a prompt.

However, to update your channel arts is just straightforward, can be done on the image upload screen.

Anytime you are uploading your creative designs, YouTube will provide you with a preview and cropping option so that you will ensure nothing gets cut off. Sometimes it might take a bit of trial and error to get things right, but doing so will ensure your YouTube looks professional.


Sometimes people overlook the About Us section of their channel profile. But this is a crucial aspect that determines how your YouTube business channel will actually result in long-term leads and follower-ship. Besides, not only is the “About Us” section a place to make the first personal impression of your viewers, but also funnel them to your social profiles or homepage.

Please note that your channel descriptions don’t have to be rocket science, but a brief mission statement or welcome message is all that is really necessary to impress your viewers. However, in case you intend to include a few links or a call-to-action which is necessary, then do it. And before I forget, make sure you add a business email as an extra point of contact.

Note that the last piece of your channel description is arguably the most vital point. What I mean is adding some links to your business homepage, social media profiles and any other places you’d like your YouTube traffics to land. By putting these links, it will increase the chances of the YouTube traffic becoming long-term followers of your business brand.

One of the advantages of having a business channel on YouTube is that they allow you to add up to five links and also customize a hyperlink text of up to 30 characters.


As your YouTube business channel grows, you will need to get one or more employee to help in managing the YouTube channel. Below are how you can add them as a manager:

  • Look at the upper right-hand side of the screen, click on your profile/avatar, then select settings from the drop-down
  • A page will be opened, then click add or remove managers
  • Then click on the manage permissions button
  • A box will pop up, you should click on the icon in the upper right and add the email addresses of the people you would like to invite that will help manage your YouTube channel.


You should learn how to optimize your videos because each video you create gives you an opportunity to score viewers and subscribers. Sometimes it might be difficult, but every creator has the potential to grow over time if they continue to craft the right sort of content that resonates around their audience.

Below are some key area you should pay attention when optimizing your YouTube channel:

  • Add relevant keywords and key phrase in your titles and descriptions
  • Try to craft some custom captions and transcripts that will make your videos easier for YouTube engine to crawl
  • Ensure you create a beautiful thumbnail image that catches the eyes of your potential viewers
  • Ensure you tag all your videos to make them show up in relevant search queries.


You shouldn’t expect success if your plan is to create a YouTube channel, upload one video and then leave it completely. Sometimes to create a successful YouTube channel takes time and effort, and your viewers expect you to be consistent as they subscribe to your channel. So immediately you upload your first video, start planning the next few videos to upload.


In case you already have a business website and now a YouTube channel, the next thing to do is to share your videos outside of YouTube which your website and social handles should be their first stop. Below are some methods to showcase your videos on your website.

  • At the front and center: note that your videos took time and effort to create, so why not show them off to your web visitors? So ensure to add up the YouTube videos to the home page of your website so your visitor will see them.
  • You need to blog all about it: In case you have a blog on your website, why don’t you blog about them? Note that you can embed your videos into every blog posts and even tell your website subscribers by sending them a newsletter.
  • Try adding a YouTube Playlist using Wix Video: do you intend to keep your website visitors immersed in your video content? Then with Wix Video, you can add up a YouTube Playlist directly to your website with few clicks.
  • You can sync your website with your YouTube Business Channel or Playlist: to do this, just add up a YouTube feed to your Wix Video widget. Once done, any new video that is added to the channel or playlist will be available in the Wix Video widget.

Now you know how to create your own YouTube channel for your business, and note that any businesses whether online or offline that is not using video marketing, is actually losing lots of customers and online followers. So take advantage of creating a YouTube channel for your business today.

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