How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Article on a New Site

If you have written an article published the post but you are not sure when search console will index the post so it appears on Google, this article will help show you How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Article so it can start appearing on Google.

So even if you like to see how to get Google to index your website or just instant Google indexing of a single post this is for you.

This video above shows you the exact steps on how to get Google to instantly index your new article but if you like to text, then keep reading.

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How to Index My Site on Google |How to Get Google to Index Your Website

When you just launched a new blog or site, if you do not link your website to Google search console, you might never get Google traffic which to me is one the best traffic for any site.

Google traffic is intent-based traffic which means that the people visiting your site are really interested in the subject of your blog. That is why they are searching for such information on Google online social media traffic. SO if you have google traffic, you stand a better chance of making more sales and more loyal customer.

 So how do you link your site or blog to search console? Follow the steps in this video above to do that.

That is how to index my site on Google and to get instant Google indexing, please keep reading below.

How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Article on New Site

If you just published a post and you want it to be indexed instantly try the steps below.  This is what I do most of the time instead of waiting for days till when Google will come to crawl my site for new indexing:

Firs the below steps to work you must have submitted your website and sitemap on Google search console. If you have not done that,  go to the “how to get Google to index your website”  to see how to submit your site map for indexing on search console.

  • So first you have to go to Google Search Console
  • Then navigate to the URL inspection tool for the site you want to index article for.
  • Now you have to paste the URL of the article you want Google to index into the search bar.
  • Wait few seconds  for Google to check the URL (it will say this “ URL is not available to Google”  when the post is not yet indexed)
  • Now you have to click the “Request indexing” button

After the last step above you can text the URL again to sees if your new article has been indexed on Google.

Now to confirm your site is really on Google when people search for you’re the article, simply type in the title of the post on a browser space and your domain.

That means if the post is tittle “how to index my site on Google”, you have to type in the following see below:

how to index my site on Google

Then you need to click on search

Your site should show up on the first row for this search query or at least on the front page. The video above illustrates this best.

This is a good practice when you publish a new post or page on your site.  You are simply telling Google that you’ve added something new to your site and that they should take a look at it.

And in most case scenario they will index your post instantly. This is how to make Google index your site faster.

So do this more often and your notice faster ranking.

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