How To Make Money Driving My Own Car +5 Get Paid to Drive App

Do you have access to a reliable car? If yes, then congratulations! Having a decent car is one of the biggest asset anyone can own right now because you can make a steady income with your car. getting paid to drive cars is one the new hubby trend that pays you real money.

I know you must be wondering how to make money driving your car, but what you don’t know is that there are a lot of ways to make money using your car. So in case you have a car and don’t mind driving it around, then you are on your way to earning hundreds of dollars every month with no maintenance cost on you. This is because whether you’ve just bought a car, or you’ve been driving for years, you will agree with me that everyday maintenance can be costly.

Indeed, car expenses can quickly mount up, and sometimes it can get to the point where you may even consider getting rid of your car. Today, we will show you how to make money driving your own car.


Advertising: (Make money with your car advertising on it)

If you are the kind that loves driving but don’t like driving a long distance and you are willing to drive more than you normally would. Then use your car to advertise for businesses around you and earn a living. It is simple, you make money with your car advertising on the body or inside the car.

This can only happen if you’re willing to put advertising on your car, it can turn out you can make a considerable amount of money.

You can use Wrapify, they are a service firm that helps you connect with potential advertisers. After you register and download the app, the service logs you where to go for a while. They will match you with a campaign for local or national companies, and sometimes will partially or fully wrap your car (This wraps are removable and won’t damage the car). The money you make depends on your car, your location, and how much of your car is covered with the advert, and you could be making 100 to $450 a month without doing anything you don’t normally do.

Renting Out Your Car

In case you drive on the weekend, but never during the working week, and you commute to work, leaving your car on your driveway all through the weekend, then you can take advantage of all that time the car isn’t being used.

You can give out your car to, as renting out car is made painless. With them, you just set the price, availability of the car and pick-up location.

The potential income is over £3,000 a year.

How To Make Money Driving My Own Car +5 Get Paid to Drive App


  • Lyft

When you use the Lyft app, clients can request for ride and pay for those rides automatically.

Once you become a Lyft driver, you can open up the Lyft app and then turn on driver mode, and accept the ride requests that you want.

Signing up as a Lyft driver, you get paid on a per minute and mile basis for every trip.

You can apply here 

  • Uber

I know you must have heard about Uber because they are super popular transportation app. This is also because customers can use the app to get a ride quickly.

Everyone can make money with Uber just driving people around.

Normally, you just provide a taxi service to Uber customers and can use the Uber app to get directions, which makes it great.

To drive for Uber, you can apply here 


  • Driving For Amazon

If you drive fast and safe, then the Amazon Flex is for you. This is a solution to their customers who want faster delivery, as the post office, UPS, and FedEx aren’t able to get things to customers within few hours.

What you need to do is use your own car to be a courier for Amazon by using Amazon Flex. This will allow you to make $18 to $25 an hour. Just like every other delivery services, you schedule a block of availability and then you pick packages up from an Amazon warehouse while the app gives you directions to deliver them.

In case you don’t live in any of the locations needed, you’ll need to put up your information on their page and Amazon will contact you when they’re hiring in your area. Visit

  • Doorman

You can get paid to deliver packages that customers have purchased online via Doorman across country.

They will allow you to set your own schedule and earn money weekly.

Note that as a Doorman courier, you need to visit a Doorman warehouse, load any of their package into your car, and then check the delivery driver app. Their app will show you where to deliver the packages.

Your earning potential depends, but the more you drive, the more you earn.

You can apply here 

  • Postmates

In case you don’t know, Postmates is a delivery company that delivers a huge range of things, such as groceries, office supplies, lunch and dinner.

If you have a reliable car, you can work as a delivery driver for the company and set your own schedule.

One good thing about this company is that they pay you up to $25 an hour.

You can apply here 

GET PAID TO TEST DRIVE CARS (Getting Paid to Drive Cars by Testing it)

  • Test Drive With Hyundai

Indeed, you can get up to $50 Reward Card via an Amazon Gift Card, Target Gift Card, or the Visa Prepaid Card whenever you test drive a new Hyundai at your local dealership.

Just visit Hyundaiusa and get your code directly from Hyundai USA. Once you visit the website, the promotion should appear instantly as a pop-up at this page, or the page will display a “Green Box” on the left side, which you may click to display the promotion code.

  • Test Drive With Dodge

Test driving with Dodge, allows you to earn $50 test drive coupons on an occasion.

Test driving with them is as easy as the one mentioned above, where you just need to find a dealer near you, and click on inventory.

Indeed, we can’t stress these enough. What you should know is that this offer may not be available all the time, but you can always try. For more, you can visit their web page to find dealers via dodge.

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