13 Legit Ways On How To Make Money From Your Phone In 2020

Hey Dear, if you are looking for how to make money from your phone in 2020, then this article is for you. I will show you various legit ways you can start generating income using just a smart phone.

The world has greatly changed over the past two decades as a result of advancement in technology, particularly the introduction of mobile smartphones. This has not only made things easier for humans, but also has provided chains of opportunities by which we can leverage on our smartphones and make income in the comfort of our home or without physical hassles. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you 11 legit ways on how to make money on your phone in 2020 as many people are already doing.

13 Legit Ways On How To Make Money From Your Phone In 2020

 1. Freelance Writing

Yes, read this first and that’s because the demand for writers are increasing on a daily basis. If you have a mobile phone and you have the skills required to be a writer, then you can sign up on a freelancing platform such as Fiverr or Upwork. After signing up, you can pitch for writing gigs through your mobile phone and easily type the contents if you have the mobile version of the Microsoft Word application. You do not have to wait to own a laptop before you become a content creator, creative writer or Ghostwriter. All that is needed is your intellectual capacity to actually deliver well-writen articles or story within a shorter time frame. Take advantage of your mobile phone today to make money as writing is an important avenue on how to make money through your smartphone. You can even show your writing skills and peach your idea directly to businesses that need written content. Nobody has to know that you are using your phone to do the work.

2. Manage Social Media account for Businesses.

The next way on how to make money from your android phone is by managing the social media account of some businesses who needs your help keeping up with their social presence online. Most local businesses in your area might not have the skill to post frequently and keep up the costumers’ social platform so most of the time will rather hire a skilled person to do the work for them and they will pay you for it.

To get into this, all you need is your phone and then you need to develop the social media marking skill then look local businesses that are lacking in their social presents, contact them and then peach your offer to them.

If you wish to learn then the following courses are my top selection depending on the social media site you want to focus on.

For Pinterest I recommend you check these courses here on Udemy

And for  Instagram checkout these ones

For YouTube, my favourite platform, check out this guy’s Course which teaches you all the needed tricks to growing an audience on YouTube.

Mind you, you can use the courses above to develop a personal brand for yourself too other than managing other peoples account.

And with that, you can make a whole lot more.

3. Become Social Media Influencer.

The next way to make money with your phone is to be an influencer. If you don’t know what a social media influencer is, simple, a social media influencer is an individual who has developed a following on any social media platform be it, FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat Ticktolk, etc. and has also gained the trust and like of their followers.

Such person is said be a social media influencer.

To be a social media influencer all you need is your cell phone, internet connection and skill to grow your audience and when you have an audience, you can sell advert space on your page. Or sell products directly yourself depending on the platform you choose.

So what I mean here is, if you decide to go with YouTube, just creating videos and posting with your audience watching the videos, you automatically start making money from AdSense with those videos.

Whereas, if you go for Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, you will need to sell your own product yourself or have brands pay per sponsored post you make for them.

Amongst these social platforms, YouTube is my top recommended and that is because when you become a partner YouTube, you get paid directly from YouTube for your video views automatically. That means you don’t need to always get a brand to directly contract you before you can make money out of your content.

And even with  YouTube,  you can still get brands to work with you and pay you directly in addition to what YouTube pays you.  And you can still sell your courses or any products you want which will double and triple you income

However, on Instagram Facebook and Snapchat. You can only get brands to work with you and they pay you directly. So that means if you cant get brand deal, then you won’t make any money with your audience except you sell your own products.

And your audience likes you enough to buy from you.

4. Own a WhatsApp TV

The past three years have seen a rapid increase in the number of WhatsApp TVs. Owning a WhatsApp TV is pretty easy. All you need is to have a large database of phone contacts and a good smartphone or preferably an iPhone. As you grow your contacts database, you can begin to attract individuals or brands that will pay you to upload certain contents, ads etc. on your status that will be viewed by probably thousands of other individuals who have your contact. This is a major way on how to make money on your iphone.

 5. Become a Pinterest Affiliate Marketer

The next way on how to make money from your smartphone is be a Pinterest Affiliate Marketer.

With your smartphone, you can create a Pinterest business account and then create nice vertical images with canvas to pin in your account.

When pining those images look for affiliate programs that allows you to share your affiliate link directly to social media site without banning your account, then insert those links in your pins with the right title and messaging.

With time those images will get views and click and some who view your affiliate product might buy the product through your affiliate link and you can make commission from the sales, that’s how you make money through this method.

6. Take Classes Online

Yes, this can as well be one of the greatest investments you can have in yourself. As ironic as it sounds, since you obviously won’t be getting paid to take these online courses but may even pay to enroll for some online classes. The fact is that there are a lot of free sites that offer free online classes. One of such sites is EDX. By subscribing to one of these sites, you can learn a plethora of skills that would not only be an added knowledge, but can also be transformed into cash, if you know your way well. Are you interested in baking but don’t know how to start? Why not take an online baking class that would teach you all that you need to know that can make you subsequently start your own business? Tap into this vital idea on how to make money from your phone for free.

7. Organize Online Training Sessions

Just as explained above, you can in another way make money from your phone by organizing a training platform where you teach people certain skills in exchange for a fee. If you really think deeply about it, you must have a substantial knowledge or skill that other people may want to learn. You can offer them an opportunity to learn these skills at your own price. You can easily have the training platform on mobile apps like your WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

 8. Answer Online Questionnaires

This is another way on how to make money from your android phone. All you have to do is fill questionnaires that would aid research organizations or even a student’s project and you get paid for diligently filling the online questionnaire.

 9. Selling Your Photos and Videos

If you have a flair for photography and you own a very good smartphone that has a nice camera, you can take fine and wonderful pictures and sell them on sites such as Foap, shutter stock.  For every time someone uses your photo or video, you get credited. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

10. Test Websites and Apps

Before companies release an app to the public, it’s necessary that they test it to make sure it’s foolproof. To do this, they would need individuals, like you, to download the apps, test it, and make a review about it through the UserTesting app. This is another creative idea on how to make easy money from your phone in 2020 as numerous apps and sites would be launched this year.

11. Make money from an online store.

You can sell products on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, esty eBay, Alibaba, Jumia etc. There are a lot of online platforms where you can create affiliate stores or create your own online store by signing up any of these sites that allows you to leverage on the abundant opportunities which are in e-commerce businesses. This step is very simply to set up and mange with your phone. The main challenge here is the cost for getting product to sell.

12. By Viewing and Clicking Ads

This way on how to make money from your phone in 2020 is by clicking and viewing ads.

Nowadays, lots of businesses are trying to make their brand known to the public by paying popular sites that have huge traffic. Some of these sites often pay individuals to view their ads. This is a very simple yet potentially lucrative way on how to make quick money from your phone. Search for companies or sites that would pay you for viewing and clicking on their ads.

This is a thing but I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t tell good on the advertisers because you are putting the company at lost since you are not buying and the end up paying clicks that are staged.

13. By Taking Surveys

Within the last seven years, statistics have showed that a lot of survey companies have been springing up. With a mobile phone, you can search the internet for one of the numerous sites that pay individuals for completing a survey. These companies would require you to test their product or service and then give a feedback or review concerning the products via the survey you fill. This would help them to strategize their brand better and you get paid. It’s a win-win situation!


It is high time you started using your phone and mobile data as a leverage to make more money for yourself from your phone. You do not need to keep wondering how to make money from your cell phoneanymore. Just follow any of the option from the list of 11 ideas discussed above.

Then look at a free or paid training that will teach you how to master the skill you need, then you can use it to start making some real money.

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