How To Make Money From Your Website Using Advertising

A lot of people always ask, “how do websites make money without selling anything’?  And my simple answer to them is; you can monetize a website or blog using advertising, but I also have another elaborate answer to this as well.

So if you have ever asked “how do websites make money from traffic”, and maybe you have wondered how do websites make money without ads or

Well, I will say there are numerous ways to monetize a website. Some are passive and others are active. The passive ways done with ads managed by an ad-network you just have to place ads ones and the ads-network will do the rest and pays you monthly.

On the other hand, the active method of monetizing your site will require you to manage and constantly attend to client/customers.

 This is a more advanced way to make money with your site and it pays way higher than ads.

So let’s look at examples of some active but high-income ways to make money from a site without ads briefly before going to using ads.

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How do websites make money without ads?

The active one involve things like selling a services, selling eBook, selling a course, selling any kind of product, be it physical, electronic, or software.

These are all ways you can monetize a site and you can even sell membership too.

But in this we will discuss how websites make money from traffic with just ads on the site which is a passive way to monetize a site.

In this article, you can read about more actives ways to monetize a website to make even more money. 

The active monetization method is basically the how websites make money without ads or advertising on the site.

I love the passive approve because then I won’t have to worry about costumer care.

How to Make Money from Your Website Using Advertising

The art of making money with advertising on a website isn’t a myth, it is a doable thing to anyone. I personally generate income from my other niche sites without selling anything just advertising and affiliate marketing and you too can do the same.

However, turning any full-time/part-time website or blog into a decent passive income-generating asset is only achievable through hard work and you need to know what you are doing.

But no matter how small the income is anyways, you should be able to make enough to cover the basic website or blog expenses such as domain registration and hosting and keep some profit.

This I can assure you especially if you go for an affordable hosting like this one here.

Currently, there are multiple methods on How to make money from your website using advertising. 

While some methods of monetization are simple, some are a little more complex, but the truth is that they all work if done right.

How To Make Money With Advertising On A Website

I am sure that you are reading this article maybe because you want to start blogging which you learn how to do here.

Or you have been able to manage your website to the point where you now have established popularity, traffic and now have loyal readers or a huge community of fans who visits your site so you decide to make money from the blog.

Well I will stay that placing adverts on your site in one way you can make income from your blog.

And Google Adsense is the go-to source of income for some many bloggers especially when starting out. Any new blog with some decent traffic always set up Google ads on their website before looking for other networks.

However, there are some Google Adsense alternatives available which you can start using once you’re done reading this post.

How to Make Money With a Website Without Selling Anything

Below are some of the ways to make money with advertising on your website and you will not need to sell anything on the site?

  • Using Pay Per Click Targeted Advertising

Google Adsense Program 

Google AdSense  allows you to make money advertising on your website by putting targeted text ads which are generated by Google on your pages. These ads can appear in rectangular boxes and in different sizes running down the side or across the bottom of your web page. 

  • Ezoic Ad-network.

Ezoic is an advert placement management network that helps you place ads on your site where it will make you the most money. They are free join and starting using but they require you to have a minimum of 10 thousand page view on your site before they let you in. From my experience Ezoic pays way more than the Google AdSense, and other ads net networks listed here in this article.

You might want to join them hire, if you reach there minimum traffic or page view requirement.

And if you have not met their criteria then feel free to start with any of the ads networks here because their requirements are a lot lesser than Ezoic.

  • The

The advertising platform is another big alternative to Adsense and is powered by the Yahoo Bing Network. But they a little lower than Google adsense Their ads featured are contextual which focuses on relevant keywords that takes some time before it will be optimized for your website. However, once you keep using the network, soon the algorithm will determine the best keywords for your audience based on the clicks.

Unlike Google Adsense, assigns a dedicated account rep who gives you suggestions on ways to make more revenues from your ads. Their money transfer options are wire transfer or Paypal. Their minimum payment threshold for payouts is $100.

  • Register For Blog Ad Programs

You can consider registering with blog-specific ads on your website. But note that you need to consider the kinds of ads your target audience will find valuable. Below are some great advert platforms to register:

  • BuySellAds

The BuySellAds platform is an online ad-marketplace where anyone can list ads for others to buy. However, BuySellAds don’t accept low traffic blogs so if you’re just starting out, you might want to wait for at least a few months to start generating good traffic.

The BuySellAds platform gives 75% of the total earnings to its publishers, and this is pretty decent. They don’t have any minimum threshold for payouts and you can remove money two times every month to your Paypal account.

  • Crisp Ads 

You can sign up with Crisp Ads which is a context-based ad program such as Google AdSense which automatically generates ads for your website. The good thing about them is that you can put up ads within minutes of being accepted to their program. 

The Amazon Associates

You can join and place the Amazon Associates ads on your website, and feature ads for products you have personally use or are happy to endorse. This way, your readers will be responding to your recommendations.

  • BlogAds

This BlogAds works in a similar manner as BuySellAds. The only thing is that they keep 30% of all ad sales as their commission. Once you refer new users, you have the opportunity to earn a cool 15% of the earnings.

To receive your money via Paypal, you need to have minimum funds of $75 and for Check or Wire Transfer, its $750.

  • AdBrite

You can sign up with AdBrite which is an advertiser-publisher connection platform, and get listed in their publishers’ directory. What you should know is that, with these types of ads, the advertisers will look through thousands of blogs listed to choose the right people to promote their products to. And unless you’re getting thousands of website visitors a day, they might not be interested in doing business with you.

  • LinkWorth

The LinkWorth is a popular text-link network platform where you’ll also find options to use rotating text ads, paid reviews etc.

Their minimum threshold for payouts is $25 via Paypal, and $100 for Check and Wire Transfer.

Remember that once you discover the online advertising platform that works best for your website, you can try checking out others and then another. Once done, they will all add to your revenue streams which will swell your profit.

  • Infolinks

The Infolinks advertising platform is one of the best ways to implement in-text advertising on your website. They offer ads publishers a whopping 70% revenue share and follows a PPC (pay-per-click) model. The in-text adverts are double-underlined words on a page that shows up as ads when clicked.

The infolinks advertising platform also offers other options such as insearch ads, intag ads and inframe ads. Infolinks pays through Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck or via Western Union once you reach the initial limit of $50 for Paypal or eCheck and $100 for Wire Transfer and WU, this depends on the mode of payment you choose.

Summarizing on how to make money from your website using advertising

So these are basically how to make money with a website without selling anything but if you decide sell something, then create and offer a product.

I have listed a few of other ways on how websites make money without ads above or you can read this article on the section how to monetize a blog  for more options.

I hope this article has helped you see to make money from your website using advertising

 And a few ways to monetize website without AdSense or ads generally.

If this post helped you in any, please share it.

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