How to make YouTube videos without talking or Showing Face (Vlog Without Showing Your Face)

vlog without showing your face or voice. If you are a little introverted and would like to make a YouTube video without showing face or voice, then this is for you.

This article on how to make YouTube videos without talking or voice discuses lots of YouTube channel ideas for beginners and to even advanced Vloggers are not comfortable being on camera. So if you wonder or doubted the possibility of running a successful YouTube channel without talking? Well, it is very possible with the ideas that I will share in this article.

And a lot of YouTubers have already been doing it and are very much successful with it, gathering millions of view and subscribers while vlogging without showing their face

So before getting into it if you don’t know what YouTube platform is here it is?

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YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners: What is YouTube?

So YouTube is basically a video sharing platform where anybody can upload a video to their channel and grow an audience there. The general idea of running a YouTube channel is to create and watch video contents online. As technology is advancing, social media has become an avenue for creating and sharing information. YouTube, is one of the social media platforms that offer users the opportunity to share ideas and also gives everyone a voice. It is quite common to see many Youtubers talk in the videos they upload. This might sound as the rule, but, not compulsory.

If you are planning to start a YouTube channel but, have some constraints probably because, you do not have the orotund voice and you obviously, do not want people to see the face behind the video, then you are to apply these steps below on how to make YouTube videos without talking or showing your face

So I mended that YouTube is a social video sharing platform, but is also search engine where people enter different kinds of a query they have while looking for video answers or tutorial.

And also YouTube is one of that social plot that pays creators directly for creating content.

So it wonderful platform to be on but introverts are always sceptical about vlogging which is why you are probably looking for YouTube channel ideas without showing face or voice.

Well, you have come to the right place to continue reading to get my top promising YouTube video ideas 2020 and beyond that does not require you to show face or voice.  

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YouTube Video Ideas 2020 |YouTube channel ideas without showing face or voice

For you to be a successful Youtuber, you must have a niche. Whatever is your area of interest, it should be able to provide value. To run your YouTube channel in your chosen niche without talking, you should be able to master some tricks.

Here are the steps and type to vlog without showing your face or voice:

YouTube Video Ideas 1: Create a video by demonstrating a skill

To get lots of views, you must create engaging video content. Watching videos on YouTube without talking, requires that you have a particular skill you are demonstrating that will make viewers just watch and learn one or two things from the video. Although, talking makes it easier for proper understanding; but, with your skills and good content, you can also attract many views. All you have to do is provide great content and show the process. Example: If you want to start a YouTube channel on a food niche, it is not a must to talk. But make sure the procedures are listed out. Start with a captivating title.

Even create clothe making/fashion YouTube Videos does not necessarily require your face or voice.

Here is example of food video on YouTube that got millions of views.  that never shows there face on the channel.

And this is example of clothe making video without face and audio.

YouTube Video Ideas 2: Create Fitness and Health


You can also start a faceless fitness channel and make a thing out of it. It as simple as you creating exercises move and then overlaying text to pass your message.

People search on the internet for workout videos. Health and fitness niche attracts lots of views because users get to watch and learn. If you are a fitness coach seeking for ways to expand your fitness centre, creating a YouTube channel on this niche will generate leads for you.

 Here is an example of a video of me years back when I first started on youtube and very shy to talk/show my face on camera.

YouTube Video Ideas 3: Create Animations

Animation is one of the most popular and thriving niches on YouTube. Animation is a process that involves designing and drawing. The animator uses still images to generate the illusion of movement. The animation is used for entertainment. If you do not want to talk or show your face on a video, you should learn how to create animations. It comes in different ways such as traditional animation, 2D animation, motion graphics animation and the widely used 3D animation.

The voice-over for this video does not have to be you and you can also make voiceless animation you just have to be more creative.

You can make these kinds of voiceless and faceless videos using Content Samurai which is text to video content that helps you make beautiful videos with stock images from the platform automatically. The systems do all the work for you, all you need come up is the message you want to share in a text form then upload to the app and choose a template type.

The app will find matching stock video and photo clip and overlay your text on them while adding a voice over artist to say out the message.

YouTube Video Ideas 4: Learn how to use presentation slides

YouTubers who really do not have the nerve of talking on a YouTube video can use presentation strides. A slide show is created with software such as PowerPoint. With the slide presentation, it explains the content of topic and helps in supporting information in the graphic arrangement. You can also create slides with Google slides from your chrome browser to create videos. And if you are using powerpoint, you can generate a series of slides. On how to do this, open a new powerpoint presentation file, select a slide format in powerpoint. The slides consist of different templates, choose the template based on the setup of your presentation.

Here is a sample of a presentation faceless video you can emulate

YouTube Video Ideas 5: Go for product review niche

Not all niches demand that you talk or show your face on the YouTube video you created. Product review niche, is one of the niches any Youtuber who is so shy can venture into. This niche is not very common, but, it is one of the high flying niches that generates lots of income. In product review niche, you are the product reviewer of the products you dropped on your YouTube channel. It only requires that you upload the product and state the product features and details.

The interesting thing about running a product review YouTube channel is that it is not necessary that you must talk, your hands can do the explanation. You can start a product review niche on YouTube either by unboxing a product, reviewing a product or by comparing products on your YouTube channel. Products you can review could be anything, phones, clothing and laptops.

YouTube Video Ideas 6: Upload music videos

This is another video ideas for YouTube channel that does not require you to talk. There’re different niches to run on YouTube. Uploading music videos on your YouTube channel is very ideal especially, if you don’t want your voice to be heard or have your face seen. For you to carry out this, your hands does the tricks. You can do that by uploading a musical video and then post it on your channel or you can use your album cover and allow the song play in the background. This kind of niche does not give room for any form of explanation. The title and the content of the video will do the explanation.

Social media is a platform for learning and a great place to generate leads and make money too. Using a platform like YouTube, can be used in promoting a product or service. Nevertheless, if you do not have the voice or the face, you can start Vlogging. A Vlog or a video blog, is a personal website or platform where a person regularly posts short videos. You can start a Vlog without showing your face through the following ways:

How to start a Vlog without showing your face

YouTube Video Ideas 7: Upload travel videos

Creating video contents on travels is one of the ways you should look into if you want to start a Vlog without showing your face. You can achieve this by talking about a particular country or what you experienced from a travel. Talk about the culture, the people and their food. Create a beautiful video and make sure the video is not shaky.

YouTube Video Ideas 8: Start tutorials and how-tos category

With this kind of category, you do not need to show your face on your Vlog channel. You must be knowledgeable on the subject matter so as to keep your viewers entertained. Example, you can start a Vlog tutorial on health & fitness lifestyles such as how to perform certain exercises, Autos- how to fix, Food- how to cook. What matters is the tutorial and not your face.

Having a YouTube channel for the purpose of generating leads is great, but before you create one, what value do you intend to offer? YouTube is an online platform where Youtubers share contents in video format. The first thing to consider if you want to create a YouTube channel is to decide on the niche. There are so many niches to choose from, however, your decision should be based on what you can offer and how good you are on the category.

YouTube channel ideas for beginners

Are you considering starting a YouTube channel, here are some top niches you can choose from

YouTube Video Ideas 9:  Create Cooking recipes

This is a popular niche as it focuses on how to cook and prepare certain foods. Depending on your area of interest, if you want to teach people on how to bake, then your tutorials should be on baking. You will be amazed with the tons of views you will get if you run your channel effectively.

YouTube Video Ideas 10: Gadgets and electronics

If you are a techy person or have little knowledge on how to fix a gadget with illustrations, this should be for you. Starting a niche on this category will make you popular within a short time frame because, internet users are always searching for information pertaining to issues that concerns gadgets and electronics.

YouTube Video Ideas 11: Create Gaming channel

Gaming niche is popular and profiting. If you are a gamer, you can as well have your own YouTube channel, where you review games, provide gaming news and how to play a particular game.

YouTube Video Ideas 12: Faceless Product reviews

This niche is unique and have different monetization methods. As a product reviewer, you can upload videos with instructions on how to use any kind of products.

Conclusion on How to make YouTube videos without talking or Showing Face

You can start a YouTube channel without talking or revealing your face. But, it is important you upload quality video content. And if you plan on using a software with a voice feature, check the current YouTube policies to know if the use of robot voice is still allowed. Also, when playing music on the background, ensure you do not use copyright music on your video to engage your viewers.

Very importantly, whatever niche you’ve chosen, you need to run some promotions. Promote your channel by commenting through other social media handles and of course through any monetization methods.

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