How to start a fitness blog and make money (Fitness blog niche)

Are you thinking of starting a fitness blog?  This how to start a fitness blog blueprint article will cover every aspect of the fitness blogging tips for beginners to advance fitness bloggers.  

How to start a fitness blog and make money from it: A fitness blog is one of the niches you can choose from if you want to start a blog. Blogging is still lucrative, however, for you to be a successful blogger, you should go for less-saturated niches like starting a fitness blog. A fitness blog is an online platform where bloggers, fitness coaches or gym instructors, share information and instructions on how to stay fit through dieting or performing certain exercises. The idea of starting a fitness blog is commending, but before you go ahead buying a domain name, it is vital you know the area you want to blog about.

Generally, bloggers who run fitness blog share tips on how to stay and live a healthy lifestyle; but, as a beginner planning to start a fitness blog, you can single out a specific area you want to cover.

There’re some ideas that can help you when choosing on the fitness angle you want to follow. They can include any of the following: Healthy eating and nutrition, fitness and mind-body.

Fitness blogs are increasing by the day. Bloggers who are keen on writing on safe foods and how to eat to stay healthy without exercise can settle for the sub-niche on healthy eating and nutrition. Fitness and mind-body sub-niche seems to be more demanding and might require some expertise to show people on how to perform a particular exercise. If you would like to learn how to make YouTube videos without talking or Showing Face please read this which is an alternative way to make blogging

Ideally, starting any niche on a fitness blog depends largely on your passion and experience. If you have made up your mind to start a fitness blog, here are some tips that will guild you.

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Steps on How to start a fitness blog and make money| how to start a successful fitness blog

Starting an online fitness blog requires these important steps below, they are the key steps on how to start a successful fitness blog and make a leave off from it.

Step 1: Pick a Niche You Are Knowledgeable and Interested in

Starting a fitness blog whether for fun or to make money, requires you to be well-informed on the chosen niche. There are some many niches in the fitness industry. It is best you focus on the niche known much about, that is because ‘You can only teach what you know’. And if you want to be counted amongst top bloggers in your niche, then you must choose a fitness niche that you are experienced in.

And if you not highly knowledgeable on the niche yet, let it be something you love learning and researching on that way it won’t feel like work for you along the line.

It is not also, okay to pick that you are not highly knowledgeable about from the get-go, but you have to be willing to put in the work to learn as fast and as you can. That is the only way you can be successful with blogging.

My 2 Best Tips Picking and Starting a fitness blog niche is:

  • Go for the most popular niche you are interested in even if you love then less popular niche more and that is because the popular will enable a lot of people to get to you that way you gain trust easily. And second, you can always expand your topic when you have gain trust.
  • Then look out for monetization option available for that niche. This one big mistake I made starting my fitness vlog challenge and later my blog which you can see here.

Here are some of the most profitable fitness blog niches 2020 to get into if they interest you. Mind you, these fitness blog niches has trended for over a decade on google trends and will keep trends beyond 2020 

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Fitness Blogging Niche Ideas: Most Profitable Fitness Blog Niches 2020

So when you think of the most profitable fitness blog niches when Starting a fitness blog, here is the list of my top:

  1. Men bodybuilding or Women Body and glute Building fitness blog niche (Very popular though highly competitive, but you still have a lot it of monetization opportunities here. Starting from Cause creation, programs to Supplement affiliate recommendation, AdSense to sponsorship. I feel there are still opportunities to grabs here.
  2. Weight Loss for Either Women or Men or a Combination of Both Fitness Blog Niche.  For this niche, you still have the same monetization option as above. Just here supplement will most be a weight loss supplement.
  3. Weight loss for working and busy moms’ / ladies fitness blog niche. Not so competitive but high monetization opportunities like above.
  4. Next and final is on how to start a fitness journey blog niche. (For this category you simply document your personal journey and then allow those who can relate to your journey and want the same for themselves to find you and then, you can sell them your program. Depending on what your specific fitness goal is you can monetize with another method other than program sales.

Other Fitness Blog Niches To Also Consider Starting a Fitness Blog are:

  • Building glute for those with bad Knee fitness blog niche. This is a very narrow but lucrative fitness blog niche idea to consider and not so competitive.
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Flat abs and Hourglass Figure fitness blogging Niche.

So here you have my list of the most profitable fitness blog niches venture into. I will say you do your own research before settling for the one that best sorts you.

With the fitness blog niche ideas out of the way, the next step is to decide and register your domain.

So let’s look at what you should consider when picking domain name which will bring us to the second step.  

Step 2: Decide and Get Your Domain Name Then a Hosting Plan

After you’ve settled on the fitness niche you want to blog about, getting or registering a domain and choosing a hosting company is the next line of action.

  • Choosing a domain name

While deciding on a domain name, you can either go for a personal name that is your legal name attached to it or just pick any other name of your choice you relate to the niche or still brand name.

I will Advise you to go for a name that suggests what your blog is all about. That way through the name, internet users can easily locate to your blog and also, try to keep the name simple and easy to remember.

  • Buying the Domain Name

To buy a domain name, visit a domain registrar Like  Bluehost and type in your desired domain name. and if the domain name is available and has not been taken then go ahead and register the domain. 

If your hosting with Bluehost they will not charge for the domain registration for another 1 year so you only get to pay for the hosting.

 You can also use any of these domain registrars: Hostgator, GoDaddy, Namecheap, and DreamHost. For your blog to go live, you will need a hosting service. When choosing a web host, you should consider the uptime and load time, perhaps, you can check for some other features such as the provision of free SSL Certificate, storage limit and free website migration.

Only a few hosting company and registrar offer a free domain registration along with your first hosting so that all you have to pay for is the hosting. And so far  Bluehost happens to be registrar and hosting company that does that.

And you use my link here to even save some more money on your fist hosting plan Bluehost.

When you are ready to follow the steps below

Here’s all you need to get started with BlueHost:

So your first step is to visit the Bluehost website then click on “get started link”. See below:

That will take you to the page with a various hosting plan and packages. If you’re familiar with hosting and the technical side of things, feel free to assess the options thoroughly. For most people just getting started, I suggest you go for the basic plan.

After you choose the plan, you will be taken to a page where you can make payment for your hosting with the free domain name registration. Now you have to type the name you are hoping to use into the “new domain” tab. If you already purchased your domain through another hosting site, then you can enter it into the “existing domain” tab or box.

Once you have selected your domain and clicked proceed, it will take you to the checkout page where you can confirm the time frame for hosting and any other add-ons you want with your hosting.

How to Design a Fitness Website

You can watch this video on how to design a fitness website to design your fitness blog or website.

Step 2: Choose Your Blog Platform

A blogging platform is a content management system that bloggers use to publish their posts. There are a handful of blog platforms, but, the most common one is which is the one I will recommend because it gives you total control of your Fitness blog and at the same time it has a lot of free and available resources you use can build any type of fitness websites.

You can publish your articles using any of these platforms. With a proper understanding of how the platform works, great content and proper understanding of SEO (Search engine optimization), your blog will be ranked within a short period of time.

  • Start publishing

You are eager to make your first post. Yes, this is quite understanding. Depending on the platform you are using, if you want to write or create a topic, simply click on the post tab on and then click on add new, that is if you are WordPress see image

Write your title and the body of the content than format post and click publish to make it go. Don’t also forget to add images where needed.

The amazing thing about the word press platform is that it is user-friendly. You can select from H1-H6 for the headings. This is for SEO analysis. Once you’ve finished writing, you upload your feature image and click on the publish tool and your article is published.

If you are planning to start a fitness blog for the purpose of making money, there are things you must take into considerations. You can start a fitness blog today and outrank other blogs that had started before your own blog. But, for you to smartly achieve this, you must be creative and your blog contents should be able to solve a problem.

Here are things to know if you want to start a fitness blog and make money from it

Step 3: Do a keyword search

A keyword is very important in the blogging sphere. Before you start writing, you should run a check on the internet to know what people are searching for.  This will help you succeed in your fitness blog and to rank on Google or other search engines, you must carefully do keyword research to see a low competition that you stand a chance of ranking for. There are free and paid online tools such as Ubersuggest, keyword planner,, Moz and SEMrush.

On how to carry out a keyword search, do the following:

  • Prepare a list of important topics as it relates to the service and training programs you wish to offer
  • Fill in those buckets with your seed keywords
  • Evaluate your keywords competitions (there will be an article here on deciding on keywords to target in your article).
  • Use related search terms
  • Go for longer keywords to help you rank faster on google

Step 4: Have a target audience

Do not make the mistake some bloggers made when they began their blogging career. As a beginner interested on how to start a fitness blog and make money from it, you must make sure your blog meets the demand of certain people or age. These are your target audience. Having a target audience helps your blog get noticed fast and increase your blog awareness. Getting your target audience is not all that easy, but the stress worth it. Here are some ways on how you can get your target audience. Through Facebook groups. There are lots of groups on Facebook, search for groups and discussions that is in line with your blog niche, check what the people discuss about and the general motive of the Facebook group. You can also get your target audience from Google search and from forums.

Here is How to Make Money From a Fitness Blog You have Built

Step 5: Provide great content and grow your traffic

One of the best ways your fitness blog can stand out is by providing great content. When people visit your blog and see that you offer fascinating contents, they will visit again and again. they would even share your post which will build up your audience and traffic. As a beginner, you need more contents to grow your traffic, which requires you to post regularly. growing your traffic might take months but the moment you have that readership you can then sell and resell as much as you want. Nonetheless, concentrate more on developing good and inspiring contents first then you can look at monetizing your traffic.

Step 6: Monetize your blog

To make money from your fitness blog, you will need one or two monetization methods. Blog monetization is a means of earning revenue with your blog. Before you start talking about monetizing your blog, you must make sure you have sufficient articles, great contents and traffic. Yes, you need traffic, because, some of the methods you can use to monetize your blog will request that have some considerable amount of traffic. They are also in for business.

If your blog has all these qualities listed out, you can now choose a monetization method. Here are some monetization ways for your fitness blog.

  • Through advertisement: With a fitness blog, you can make money through advertisement especially, if you have large subscribers on your blog. To make money through an advert, you will create an advert space on your blog, whereby companies will pay you to have their ads displayed on your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing or sponsorship: This is one of the common ways bloggers earn money with their blogs by promoting a brand. You can make money with your fitness blog by signing up with an affiliate company. The interesting thing about running a fitness blog is that you can use other monetization methods.

Here are some popular health and fitness affiliate programs you can sign up with.  WahooFitness   LifeSpanFitness

  • Sell eBooks: Selling eBooks is one of the ways on how to make money with a fitness blog. You can make money with your fitness blog and could also the eBook outside of your blog like selling it on Amazon or Udemy and any other channels.
  • Create Fitness Courses: The next Method to monetize your fitness blog to create fitness courses and programs which you can offer as a onetime payment plan or membership subscription plan.
  • AdSense: This is an interesting way on how to make money with a fitness blog, although, it doesn’t come so simple. Your blog must meet up with Google AdSense policies before your blog can be approved
  • Offering coaching services: As a fitness coach, you can provide one-on-one coaching services. Once internet users identify your blog and see the great effort you are putting in especially on the area of workout, they can contact you privately to be their fitness coach.

Concluding on How to Start a Successful Fitness Blog and Make Money From It.

Your interest is to start a fitness blog with the hope that the blog would able to generate money for you. It is important you still continue to provide great contents even if your blog has started generating income. As your blog grows, you will receive so many buzz from companies who wants ads and sponsorship, do not be enchanted with the offer by running so many adverts instead of contents on your blog, you should have your readers in mind.

When choosing a hosting company, consider the ones with good uptime, it can be frustrating to host your domain with a hosting company with lots of downtimes. On the aspect of creating contents, before you write, make sure you do a proper keyword search and ensure your blog is fully SEO optimized.

These are some of the tips on how to start a fitness blog and make money from it. If you follow these tips keenly, your blog will be one of the tops recommended fitness blogs loved by many.

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