How to Start a Successful Blog and Make Money Even As A Beginner (How to Get More Page Views on my Blog)

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in learning how to start a blog and make money from it. Every blogger, one way or the other, wants to make money from their blog except; you are just blogging as a hobby.

Even at that, you still can make money from your hobby blog as a side hustle if you do it right.

I can bet that the main reasons you are reading this post right now, whether it’s a hobby or no hobby is because you really want to see how you can start a successful blog and make money with it.

Or even convert your hobby blog to passively side income hustle.

 Well, this article we will look at a case study of how I started a brand new blog less than a year ago and now the blog makes me money passively.

With this step by step case-study on how to start a blog page and make money froing it, you can just replicate the same steps for your blog to get google traffic and all that good stuff.

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So I started this new niche blog last year ending of August 2019 and in February 2020 the blog made over $300 through Adsense alone.

Right now, from 1st to 20th of march as of the writing of this article, this blog has made about $537. (we get to all the prove shortly).

I will even show you the best practice I used to get more page views on my blog with some number of visitor.

Whether you are a beginner or you already have some experience, you will surely learn a thing or two from this post.

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how to get more page views on my blog

Here is the areas I will cover in this article:

  •  Why I started my new niche blog success story
  •  How to pick a profitable niche  and How I picked the niche
  •  How to create a Blog that attracts Google traffic fast.
  • How to optimize your articles to rank on Google
  • How to get more page views on my blog from Google even as a new blog
  • how to start a successful blog and make money yourself

If you are ready to learn how to run a blog and make money, then keep reading.

How to Start a Successful Blog and Make Money Even As A Beginner (How to Get More Gage Views on my Blog)

Quick overview why I Started my new niche blog with Over 37K page view per Month

So this new blog started last year August 2019. Before then I have been running my YouTube channel accompanied by My personal website here at where I rarely posted articles because I was more focused on creating YouTube videos. 

Also because I love to talk and not to write however, I try to write sometimes when I feel like it, though it is a daunting task for me and only comes with the mood. 

So before this new blog, the Income from my YouTube channel did sustain me, paid my bills for a long while but later it wasn’t enough anymore, so  I needed a second income stream. 

And that is how  I decided to create a new blog on a totally different niche which now generates over 37k monthly page views with 90% of the traffic coming from Google. 

Yes, I know most people will say generating google traffic is too had, but don’t worry, it is as simple as the steps I will show you right in this post.

Those who feel that way are simply doing it wrong.

You can see the stats above and below. Bear in mind that the traffic is growing by 40 to 60% each month. This will be huge if it continues like this. see below too.

As I speak this site makes $500 from Just Display Ads passively, affiliate not included.  And all thanks to Ezoic ads Network. Google ads wouldn’t have gotten me this much

This is from Ezoic Ad from 7th to 20th of March 2020

And this is from AdSense ad for this same site starting 1tst to 20th March 2020

And yes, I  am not building a single backlink to this site I only share it on Social media, that’s all.

This totally counters those theories that you must build backlink before you get google traffic.

So what is the secret of getting traffic from google with a new blog?

Well, the secret is in your topic selection a.k.a Keyword analysis which I will show you how to do properly soon.

And also show you how to decide on the right topic that will rank fast and get you to google traffic.

I know, you might wonder, why I choose to start on a new blog instead of growing the traffic on my personal blog, well, I have  2 main reasons. 

  • My first reason is that the niche for my personal blog is not a high AdSense profitable niche which I can make real money passively. The  CPC (cost per click)  for this niche is very low. With my personal blog niche, I will need 2 to 3 times traffic to make the income that this new niche was going to pay me through AdSense alone before talking of other kinds of monetization. Besides, I did not want to apply some of the strategies I used for this new blog to my personal blog considering that I have already branded it what it is now.  
  • And the second reason why I had to also choose a new blog niche is that I screwed things up with Google when I first started my personal blog. You see when I first started my personal blog I was reading about SEO how to get traffic from  Google and one of the common advice most SEO gurus was hammering on as the main Google ranking factor was backlink of a site.

In my attempt to get a backlink, I went on Fiverr and bought a gig that claims to deliver clean white-hat backlinks, so I paid for it and gave all my details. Waited in hope for the miracle but the reverse was the case for my blog.

It was from that moment after a few months, that the little traffic I was getting from Google started dropping.

It took me a while to realize that it was the spammy Fiverr backlink that is hotting my ranking on Google.

Though I tried to fix it, I even tried posting new articles afterwards, but my ranking just never got better. I don’t like to waste my time on something I am not sure will work. 

So if there is one thing you must take away from this article, it is to, never buy backlink for your blog especially if you are trying to get a long-lasting relationship with Google, or build something that will last

Buying backlink is against Google policies, and if you most do it, let it be whitehat guest posting method. Don’t even ask for a link from an older post that did not initially link back to you on the published date.

And this means you have to actually write an article then get a higher domain authority site to publish the article while you have a link or two backs to your relevant post on a similar topic, without tagging article as a sponsored post or guest post because google algorithm can detect all these things.

How to pick a profitable niche  and How I picked my niche for my new Blog

So when you are thinking of starting a blog, the first thing you need to do to decide on the niche or topic you want to write about.

If you are considering to start a blog and make money from it, then you must pick a profitable niche else you will end generating traffic and not make as much money as you would want.  I am saying this out of the experience, going for just your passion is not enough.

Except your passion is profitable then you go for it.

What to think of to help pick a profitable niche

So when deciding on my new blog,  first of all, I thought of was:

  • No1. What area/topics I’m I interested in even if am not passionate about it? Then I made a list of three to five different topics that I am most interested in beside my passion.

And also I made sure topics were something   I will be willing to research and learn a thing or two on.

For Instance, I could be interested in: 

  • Personal Management.
  • Cars
  • Business Proposal Writing 
  • Fashion
  • Making money online
  • Home Decor DIYs
  • Travel
  • Education abroad
  • Social media Marketing

And the list goes on and on. When I have this list, I then move to stage two.

  •   No2. I considered how many people or the volume of people that are interested in that topic as well.

So to get this information, simply use google keyword or Ubersugest, then enter 2 to 3 keyword on the niche see how much search volume it has. Anything over 100k monthly search is good.

Then I move to the next stage.

Finding Topics on this niche that can rank with a new site.

At this I will go to Google search box and will start typing any question/query I could think of relating to the specific topic from my list.

While typing, Google will automatically start suggesting some possible questions for you as you type.

 You have to pick from the autocomplete query from the dropdown menu which is an indication that people are searching that information.  

 And then when you entered the query, you want look at what results.

Usually if you see a lot of forums and social media page pop up on front page of google, then that is a good topic to right about.

You will also see other google suggested queries at the end of the results page. Like this below 

With those listed search results, you can click on each of the listed suggested queries to get more ideas of what people might be searching for relating to the topic. 

So let’s say from the first list I will click on “ simple application letter sample for any vacant position”  this will give me a group of totally different sets of keywords results like this one here

See screenshot image 

 I can stick around to find more ideas by clicking each suggested query or  I can move on to validating the profitability of the keyword I already have. 

Mind you, a keyword is the same thing as search query so I will be using them interchangeably here.

So to validate the profitability of a keyword or search query, I simply go to Ubersugest and enter the same keyword.

But before I do this, I like to first check out my possibility or chances of ranking in Google with the  search results that Google provides me.

So what I look out for are:

  • How many high authority domains have written an article addressing that specific query? ( To see the Authority of a domain, simply copy blog Url to Ubersuggest and it will show you the DA of the site/blog)
  • Second, are there low authority sites or blogs that are ranked on the front page for that search query? 
  • Third, are there social media or forums ranking in front page for that query?

So if you see that the front page of Google is filled with articles from high authority domains, then there’s no need to even bother checking for the profitability of that keyword, because you won’t rank for that keyword with a new blog, except your blog is an authority blog.

But if you happen to see forums and social media page, Facebook, Pinterest etc. rank for that keyword phrase, then that is a good keyword you can rank for very fast with a new site. with that settled, now is when I go check for the profitability of the keyword On Ubersugest.

Ubersugest will show you the cpc for that. the higher the cpc the better.

Here is what that will look like the topic “ simple application letter sample for any vacant position”, I try to stay away from topics with 0 cpc as much as I can, but not all the time.

So to bring this home, for example, I entered this keyword “how to write an application letter”  in search and this is my results as at the writing of this article. 

See Image

I will say,  this is a good search query or keyword to address in an article because I see  Pinterest appearing on the front page even when the search query is not a virtually related search query.  

With this, I’m sure it’s now time to take this keyword to Ubersuggest and make the final deduction for the profitability of the keyword and also check how competitive Ubersuggest will say the keyword is.

So from the result I got from Ubersuggest on this particular keyword I’m convinced I can write this article and it’s a profitable topic because one it has a 1.36 CPC the higher the better or at least it doesn’t have 0 CPC.

And secondly, it has a monthly search volume of about 1000. so let say I have 50 articles on the blog and I was able to get 1000 people to a single blog post, Multiple 1000 by 50 that will amount to 50,000 users/visitor per month. I don’t focus much on search volumes if a key is suggested by google.

On average 50000 users on a Blog will amount to about 80,000 to 90,000 page views per month and if your session is high based on your content quality,  then you’ll be getting over 100,000 page views per month.

With 100,000 page views in a month, do you know how much money you will be making? huge chunk!

Well, this is why I feel this keyword is worth my attention and even if I was able to just get 100 to 300 visitors in a month from this keyword, I still feel it’s a win for me.

How I decide on settling for this niche?

So with all this, I make the final decision on the niche when I am able to quickly find 15 to  20 search queries that have low competition and at the same time has a little search volume per month.

the idea is, if I was able to get those 15 to20 topics, then it means, if I dedicate more time for keyword research, I will come up with a lot of low competitive topics to write about in the new blog. 

But whereby I was not able to come up with a good number of search queries. I quickly move on to the next niche on my list of interests.

I will repeat this until I find something. 

Mind you, these process might take you days or even weeks if you are just starting out as a beginner to learn how to make money blogging for beginners.

So basically this is my process of coming up with a profitable niche

And you can follow this process to create your blog or start your blog and make profit and money from it.

The  sure way to creating a successful blog begins with picking the right niche that you can rank for and by niche I also topics you write about.

So with that let’s now move onto setting up your blog to be Google-friendly to attract Google traffic.

   How to create a Blog that attracts Google traffic fast.

Creating a blog that attracts Google traffic begins with the platform you choose and the configuration of your web site.

Usually, I recommend WordPress for every aspiring new blogger that is trying to rank on Google however, there are other option here but I only use WordPress.

It is the best blogging platform and has a lot of both free resources and paid resources that can be used to accomplish any task, unlike all other blogging platforms where you have so many restrictions.

Here  is what is involved in setting up your blog on WordPress But you can read this article for step by step guide:

To create your blog you will need:

  • A domain name (Your Domain can be your name or Something related to your name or the Niche you like to Blog About).
  • You will need a blogging platform( like I said I’m using WordPress and it is what I recommend).
  • You will need a domain registrar and a domain host ( I recommend Bluehost, they are one of the best and cheap domain registrar and hosting companies with reliable servers for fast website load speed. They also offer a free one-year domain registration if you buy a hosting plan from them).

Let me say,  if you’re trying to make money from your blog, you can not afford to blog on a  free blogging platform like because then your work, effort and years of work belongs to them.

They can decide to shoot you down anytime and you don’t have control over it.

On the other hand, you want to host your blog yourself with your domain name on, not

If you like to learn more about the difference between these two  and, then this article explains the difference. 

This article on How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost (Ultimate Guide) will help you register, host and install WordPress using Bluehost. 

Or you can watch this video I created to set up and publish your first article in 10minute.

And for the right configurations to start ranking on Google, you need to install the Yoast SEO plugin. ( this is not a most, but it helps)

Yoast SEO is free but it has the premium version which comes with a lot more features and it’s what I use for all my blogs.  

When you have installed Yoast plugin, simply follow the configuration wizards to the final step.

By default, Yoast will set your site up to rank on Google. 

If you registered your domain and hosted it through my Bluehost affiliate link here, then send me an email with proof here and I will forward you the premium version of Yoast SEO plugin.  

You can watch this video on how to install and configure Yoast Plugin. 

How to optimize your articles to rank on google

When you finish the installation and configuration of Yoast SEO plugin now is the time to start writing articles based on the topics that you had come up with while you were doing your niche research/selection.

Remember I said at least a minimum of 15 articles is what you want to come up with before you decide to go for a niche.

So pick any one of those topics from the list and start writing.

So this is how you optimize your article when writing

Here is what to do when you are writing the article to optimize it so that  Google can rank it fast.

No1. Mention the keywords which is the search query that you got  from Google research in:

  • Header 1 (H1 Tag) 
  • Header 2 (H2 Tag) and
  • Header 3 (H3 Tag )  

Of your article. This is very important. I cannot overemphasize this. 

Your Header 1 tag will be your overall or main Topic which should be the first and then the H2 and H3.

You might need to watch this video for instant Google indexing for your article that way your article goes live the moment you just publish it. OR read this Article on How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Article on a New Site

The benefit to this is that the earlier you have your article crawled and indexed by Google the faster they will start testing various positions and to know where to rank your article. 

  • No2 Next try to mention the keyword or search query naturally within the paragraphs of the article at least 2 to 4 times.

This will help Google understand what your article is all about and to relate it to that keyword or the searched question.   In the SEO world, this is called keyword density. Mind you,  if you don’t know what SEO means, it means “search engine optimization”

  • No3. And finally, the beginning paragraph of your article should include the keyword some people say it doesn’t matter, but I will say 99% of the time, it matters. Nothing spammy. Look at the 1st paragraph of this article if you observe carefully, you will see what I am talking about. 

And for practical ways to do this, please read this article on How to Optimize and Improve Site Ranking in Google Search. There I showed how I did it step by step within the article.

How to get more page views on my blog from Google even for a new blog 

To get more page views from Google, you have to create more content. 

As simple as this might sound, this to me is the most important thing to do if you are trying to grow your traffic from Google and get more page views. Just to remind you, the more page views you get, equal to more money you make.

You have to create more amazing content that people will love and joy and even want to come back to or reference 

That is how you get more page views on your blog and this is the same process I use to get more visitors and page views to my new blog that I showed you earlier at the beginning of this post.

And the blog traffic  keeps increasing every Month by Month and  will continue like this except something tragic happened 

In Fact here is the last 3 months of Google traffic growth up until February 2020.  

Month 1- December 2019

Month 2 – January 2020

Month 3 – February 2020

So let’s now talk about what brought you here which is how to making money from the blog.

How to start a successful blog and make money

There are numerous ways of making money from your blog:

  • No1 Through Google AdSense

This is the most common way to make money from a blog and to me is the least method to make money from a blog.

 If you noticed the beginning of this article has an image on how I made 300 to $400 from a blog less than 6 months old.

That money  ( $300 )  is just from Google  AdSense and like I said, AdSense is the least way of making money from a blog.

Right now this same blog income has doubled within just one month and that is because I moved it from AdSense to a different ads network, which brings us to the second way of money from a blog.

  • No2.  Through Premium Ads Network

So the next way to make money from your blog is through premium ads Network 

Premium ad networks are ad companies that will display premium ads on your website for you to get paid.

Some of these ad networks are partnered with Google but they also have their own private companies that run ads directly through there platform. 

So when you join their platform you get a higher payout for the display ads on your site because now the advertiser is running ads directly on your site. And most of the companies on those networks bid higher for ads too when compared to google ads.

The only downside to these premium ad networks is that their sign up requirements are a little higher than Google Adsense.

There Requirements:

  • No1.  Ezoic (Ezoic requires a minimum of 10,000-page view per month to be accepted in the platform)
  •  No1.Mediavine (They require 25,000 sessions per month to be accepted)
  • No3. Adthrive  (Adthrive requires 100,000 page views per month to be accepted) 

So Ezoic is the one that I just moved the new site to while I wait for Mediavine to approve the site.

I know you might wonder why I have not moved this website before now to Ezoic considering that it qualified for Ezoic ads months ago.

Well,  my reason is that I wanted to compare the earning AdSense vs Ezoic and later with Mediavine if I get approved by Mediavine.

Comparing my Last Month  AdSense Earning with Ezoic Earning

So last month from this blog, I made $337  from Google AdSense and then around $38 from Amazon Affiliate commission.

Adsense For February 2020

Amazon Affiliate for February 2020

And this month, we are still on the  20th of march as of the writing of this article, this same blog/site has made $409 already from Ezoic. Ezoic ads were approved on the 7th of March 2020. so basically it has just been 14 days on Ezoic and we still have 11 more days to go this month.

That means by the end of this month this site income from just ads will be at $876, isn’t that wonderful? from $300 in February to $876 in March

This is to show the revenue increase I got moving from Google AdSense to Ezoic ads network. If your blog is generating up to 10k pageview per month, I will advise you to join Ezoic. I wish I did join Ezoic earlier. You can join Ezoic here, it is totally free

Ezoic Earning starting 7th to 20th March

From 1st March to 6th AdSense made $128 which when added to $409 from Ezoic, it equalled to $537 up until 20th march 2020 for the blog.

AdSense Earning for 1st March to 6th 2020

So my advice to you is the moment your website is generating up to 10,000 page views per month, quickly move your display ads to Ezoic. You will earn a lot more by doing that

Do I feel regret for not moving this site to Ezoic earlier before I did? My answer is no and that is because then  I won’t have the experience to relate with you on the site? 

My prayer is that, Mediavine approves the blog so I can test and see which Ad-network to settle for because I really want this blog to be totally passive.

Right now, I am still publishing actively on the blog. I will soon stop when I have exhausted the topics I want to cover on the blog.

  • No3. Through Affiliate 

The next way to make money from a blog is through an affiliate program. That simply means you recommending products that you trust or have used to your readers and then you make a commission for each sale you make. So for this particle niche site, the first 3 months was focused on just writing informational posts with no affiliate.

And I did this because I want Google to trust, like and rank the site better. But now I am including affiliate and product-related articles to post I make.

And this march I have made $38 from first to 20th march 2020

Here Amazon Affiliate Earnings for March 1 to 20th 2020

Other ways to make money from a blog are through: 

  • Course creation
  • EBook,
  • Physical product sales 
  • Subscription and membership

Note that, the last three are not totally passive; you will need to keep working even after creating and launching the product on the blog. 

The course and eBook sales are partially passive but Physical product sales, Subscription and membership is totally active income. 

Summary on how to get more page views on my blog and made More money

So what I want you to take home from the post are:

  • First, What you want to do is pick a niche or topic. Follow the steps above to decide on a profitable niche to start blogging on.
  • Then you want to choose your domain name which is the name of your website like My domain here is Your domain name can either be your name or include your name or something about the niche you will be blogging about. And it si still not out of place to go for a brandable name. For Instance, my personal blog has my name Abigail (  while this blog has keywords relating to my niche e.g. bloggers. ( the brandable name could be something off totally eg. Facebook, Instagram, google
  • When you decide on your domain name, head over to Bluehost to register and host the domain. The domain registration is free for 1year if you are hosting with them. And now you want to use this article to see how you can set up WordPress on your domain with Bluehost 
  • When you have fully set up the WordPress, you need to install Yoast SEO plugin. You can start with the free version but later on, you will need to transition to the premium or paid version because it has more features. 

 I can give you the premium version if you signed up with Bluehost using my Bluehost affiliate link here, I get a small commission from it if you sign through my link. This does not increase how much you spend, instead, you will rather receive a discount. 

And finally, start writing and posting, then optimize your article to appear in google search and when you start generating up to 10k per month page view sign up with Ezoic to increase your display ad revenue. Then you can include more relevant affiliate links within your article.   

Follow the steps above and you will see results a lot faster than most persons who keep whining but yet they still focus on the wrong things.  So this is basically how to start a blog and make money from it.

This is the exact same steps I follow for this new niche blog that made $300 Adsense revenue in less than 6 months and halfway into the 7th  month, it is over $500.

I really hope this article has helped you, and if you like the information here, please share or repin this post on Pinterest to spread the words and I will see you in my next post.

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