Is Tubebuddy Safe to Use Really?? How to Use Tubebuddy 2020

You are reading probably because you own a YouTube Channel and you have had that Tubebuddy is a YouTube approved tool that you can use to grow you Subscriber and views but you still want to be sure that Tubebuddy is safe to use on you channel.

Well in this post, I will clear all your concerns regarding Tubebuddy and then we will look at how to get more views with Tubebuddy and even how to use Tubebuddy to find keywords to tag your videos.

So if you are ready, let’s get right into the article fully and we are beginning with what is Tubebuddy for youtube? And later we will get right into what does Tubebuddy do? See this related article also: Rank Video High On Google: How to Rank on The First Page of Google with a YouTube Video

What is Tubebuddy for YouTube and  Is Tube Buddy Safe and Legal?

Tubebuddy is safe for rectifying YouTube-related issues. Approximately 400 hours of video are being uploaded per minute to YouTube.

So, irrespective of how new your YouTube channel is, you can still make it provided you properly optimize the descriptions, tags, and titles of your videos. This is where Tubebuddy comes into play.

You can without doubt acquire more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel with the help of Tubebuddy.

Tubebuddy helps to optimize, perk up output level, and grow up your YouTube channel without issues.

Tubebuddy makes it comparatively effortless for you to identify with your audience is and have access to numerous features that helps ease your workload.

Tubebuddy is unique because it features well over 60 tools that can assist you deal with and grow your YouTube channel.

So, to answer the question is Tubebuddy safe to use? The answer is a big YES. Tubebuddy is very safe to use on your YouTube channel.

Most trusted YouTuber are making use of the software and there have been no security issues regarding it so far. I use Youbuddy on my Youtube Channel here. And You can start using Tubebuddy for free here, just that there limited feature till you upgrade to the premium plan.

Tubebuddy has a qualified team of experts running the software. The CEO / Co-Founder of Tubebuddy are Phil Starkovich, who manages the general vision and course of Tubebuddy.

This article discusses how safe Tubebuddy is and how you can use it to get more views. Read on to find out more details and afterword, you can come here to start using Tubebuddy in growing your YouTube channel.

What Does Tubebuddy Do?

Tubebuddy can best be described as a research and planning tool for YouTuber. It achieves this by linking to your YouTube account to provide instantaneous ideas on potential keywords, videos, and other things to boost your YouTube channel.

So, what does Tubebuddy do? Tubebuddy basically explores your YouTube channel and others on YouTube, then relate to you the data that can aid you rank for views that will trigger subscriber growth.

Before now, there are some tools that can assist you in finding and tracking keywords and YouTube analytics, however, with the emergence of Tubebuddy, it tops the chart.  

Apart from tags and video keywords, there are other vital optimizations you can achieve with TubeBuddy for the growth of your channel. Such optimizations include having good thumbnails and also the verification of your YouTube channel.

What are the Features on Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy has a whole lot of interesting features. They include:

Now let’s look at some of the features briefly.

  • Thumbnail Generator: With this features, you can convert images from your video into a convincing thumbnail with text and graphic overlays that enhances every clicks. Using this feature can make it easy for you to produce a template you can comfortably use on all thumbnails with logos and graphics.
  • Publish to Facebook: With Tubebuddy, you can share on Facebook easily to pull the billions of users on Facebook for your YouTube subscriber growth.
  • Tag Lists, Tag Explorer and Suggested Tags: The use of tags is ideal for finding keywords from top-performing videos with top traffic for high grading of your YouTube. The keyword research tool will appear in the right sidebar when you search YouTube and offer an inner insight into the search volume and how competitive the tag is. And you directly copy keywords list from another creator video so you tag them on your own video.
  • Playlist Actions: This feature makes it possible for you to get the most out of your playlists by ordering videos for video engagement and subscriber growth. With Tubebuddy your top videos appear first in playlists.
  • Canned Responses: This feature becomes very useful when a video goes viral when you have to reply to every comment. Ignoring comments may cause you to lose traffic. Canned responses come to the rescue by helping you with some pre-written responses.

Tube Buddy How to Get More Views (How to Use Tubebuddy 2020 to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast)

So, what does Tubebuddy do in growing your YouTube channel for more subscribers?

For most YouTuber, it can be very exasperating and time-consuming to grow a YouTube channel.

However, with Tubebuddy, you are sure to make things happen in no time.

On how to use Tubebuddy 2020 to grow your channel, Tubebuddy app, via uninterrupted data compilation of the videos and channels on YouTube, can effectively direct your result on the right video topics to go for, how to make your video seen, and the competition or your channel against other related YouTube channels.

Tubebuddy achieves this by effortlessly incorporating with your YouTube account.

The facets come into view on significant pages to insert data and ideas for upgrading.

To use Tubebuddy for your YouTube channel, you can begin by using top features like the keyword suggestion and checklist while gradually learning how to use the software.

With the help of Tubebuddy, you can create new videos quickly and ensure they have high prospect of I have a process for using Tubebuddy whenever I research and produce a new video.

Sticking to the process closely enables me to create videos quickly and to ensure they have the high prospect of getting traffic that will convert to increase in subscribers.

How to Use Tubebuddy to Find Keywords

So, on how to use Tubebuddy 2020 to grow your channel fast, note the following steps:

  • You can start by using the keyword research tools to detect videos with high traffic but with the least competition. You can achieve this by using some keyword ideas and optimization, noting the search volume and competition.
  • Check for related searches and most used tags in the searches to compile list of tags for the video.
  • Click through the top five videos in a search. Then use TubeBuddy to check the tags the videos are making use of and their ranking in each tag.
  • You can equally check the best practices checklist for each video using TubeBuddy. If several videos ranking for a keyword are missing several of the best practices, then you can rank fast if you check all the boxes with your video.
  • When uploading a video, use the recommended tags to fill out your tag list and ensure you are writing a good SEO for YouTube and Google ranking. Ensure you use the best practices so your video can be competitive.

Usually will show the completion level of a keyword and suggest the ones you most likely to rank your video for.

  • You can use the Tubebuddy thumbnail creator to get a still frame and overlay text and graphics.
  • Immediately the video goes live, use the Share Tracker feature to ensure you are promoting it on many social networks.
  • Then publish on Facebook for FB growth and YouTube subscriber growth.

Can Tubebuddy Delete Your Videos?

You are not just the only one asking this question. When I wanted start using Tubebuddy 3years ago on my YouTube Channel, I also asked the same question; “will Tubebuddy delete my videos?” and the answer is NO!

When signing up with Tubebuddy, it is part of the process for Tubebuddy to ask for access to your YouTube channel and you might be concerned that what if they delete your video.

Well, I will say you don’t need to be disturbed about that because Tubebuddy only will execute the action you authorize it to perform.

This is to say that, except you personally clicked to delete a video, Tubebuddy will never delete any of your videos though it comes with a lot of features to help you easily run your YouTube channel including delete video option.

Most people are apprehensive that integrating Tubebuddy to their YouTube channel may delete their video; this brings us to the next issue.

Can I Trust Tubebuddy with My Personal Data?

Most YouTuber’s who want to go for the premium plan is skeptical and ask “can I trust Tubebuddy?  I often see people ask, can i trust Tubebuddy keyword research tool with my personal data?

And my answer is a big yes, you can completely trust Tubebuddy and that is because use Tubebuddy my channel too which right has grown up to 215k subscribers with millions of views.  

So like I mentioned above, you need to grant access to Tubebuddy for it to be able to access your YouTube channel for maximum performance. You can trust Tubebuddy, but you need to be private with your login details. You alone should have total access to your device.

In Tubebuddy privacy policy page, it is clearly stated that they only ask for customer’s information when:

  • Choosing the premium plans of Tubebuddy, the payment information provided by the customer is collected but it is processed by a trusted company Braintree which is a PayPal company.
  • Personal information such as the name and email which is collected while signing in with your Google account, this information is collected for identification and contacting purpose.
  • Tubebuddy collects some other data including your IP address, the browser you use, and access times.

Tubebuddy also noted that it is vital to get this information for every website to gather whether it’s Amazon, eBay, Mercari or any other renowned site. You can go here to start using to Tubebuddy

Conclusion on Tube Buddy How to Get More Views Post

Tubebuddy is extremely significant to the growth of YouTube channel, and it is very safe to integrate into your channel.

So, if you are monetizing YouTube, it is advisable you use Tubebuddy though it is totally something you do without if you have the experience to  grow your channel yourself without the help of any tool.

It features extensive data and insight that will enable you create videos with maximum prospects of going viral and debuting your channel.

Tubebuddy is YouTube certified and operates with YouTube guidelines. You can use Tubebuddy whenever you make a new video and most of the features under the Pro plan monthly to optimize your YouTube channel.

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