Rank Video High On Google: How to Rank on The First Page of Google with a YouTube Video

Hey, in today’s post we are going to look at how to rank on the first page of Google with a YouTube video.  So if you own a YouTube channel and want to know the best way to rank YouTube video on first page of Google in minutes then you are just on the right article.

The tips I will be sharing here, with are the exact same things I did to grow personal channel over 200k subs with 3years. And you can achieve similar success if you apply tips in this post.

It is no news that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, just after Google.

And Google the owner of YouTube has slowly been rolling out video search results on their search engine over the last 3 years. Currently, video is now the content people consume the most.

Today, I’m here to share with you how to rank on the first page of Google with a YouTube video so that you can learn some pretty interesting things about video SEO with this perspective.

But how will you surpass Google’s search engine artificial intelligence (AI) to rank in front? What are the big tricks to skipping the search line with your YouTube video?

Well, this article sure guides you on the steps to ranking YouTube videos on Google and even on YouTube.

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Rank Video High: How to Rank on The First Page of Google with a YouTube Video

If you really want your videos to appear on Google and YouTube search, then here are the steps on how to make your video searchable on YouTube as well as Google search results.

No1. Consider Creating Lengthy Videos.

The first step if you want to rank YouTube video on first page of Google in minutes is the length of the video. Short videos are not going to rank well as will longer-form videos.

It is very true that both Google and YouTube love in-depth, long-form content, and videos are no exception.

Many online users are looking for relevant and worthwhile videos. And because of this, search engines want to maximize user’s satisfaction by giving them compelling videos that cover the topic they are searching effectively.

The advantage of making a long video is that YouTube wants to keep people on their site, meaning the more time people spend on YouTube, the more ads they can serve and make more money.

However, this also aligns with YouTube’s watch time metric, which is another crucial ranking factor to consider. This is one reason longer videos tend to perform much better on YouTube.

In viewer’s perspective, the longer the video, the more value you can provide, especially when it’s an informational content like how-to and tutorials. Basically, if the topic deserves to be in-depth, go with a longer video.

Although, if you are making a promotional video, it should be kept shorter. A lot of industry experts agreed that in this case, anything longer than 6 minutes is too long.

Make sure you don’t stretch your video just for the sake of it.  Please also bear in mind the other vital ranking factor which is audience retention.  This first and foremost steps if you are really looking at how to index YouTube video on Google

No2. Name and Title Your Videos Right

Another factor you should consider is to optimize your YouTube Video Title with smart keyword selections. You should consider long tail and less competitive keyword which will give you the opportunity to rank your video for free and fast. Just like the on-page SEO and image optimization methods, the search engine looks at the name of your raw video file. This is why we said video name and not just video title.

This simply means you should optimize your video file before it is uploaded to YouTube. Below are how to do it:

  • Make a selection of your finished video file you want to upload and rename the file video Title to the keywords or title you want gives the video when it’s on YouTube.
  • Once done, right click on the file and select Get Info/Properties.
  • After which, go to Details.
  • Put up some tags that are related to the content.
  • Ensure you write a short description of your video in the Comments, after which, the video is set to be uploaded on YouTube.

This is the second steps on how to index YouTube video on Google.

No3. Create Nice Keywords Optimized Video Description.

The next step in this post on how to rank on the first page of Google with a YouTube video is, your Video description.

You should know that your video’s description is very vital.

The video description helps YouTube and Google to understand the context of your video. Please also note that the better they understand the video, the higher you’ll rank.

Below are the basic guidelines for video description:

  • Add your keyword in the first 25 words
  • Ensure the description is at least 250 words
  • Add your keyword 2 to 4 times
  • Look for related keywords and also add them in the description

By doing this SEO-optimized description, you will help Google and YouTube to know what your video is all about without spamming.

This is third way to rank YouTube video on first page of Google in minutes.

No4. Perform a Thorough Keywords Research  and Optimization

If you really want to rank on Google as well as YouTube front page, this step right here is  how to rank on the first page of Google with a YouTube video.

Just like the traditional SEO, keyword research before the recording of your video marks the beginning of your YouTube Video Optimization success. If your aim is to rank your video not just on YouTube but also on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), then start your keyword research by creating 2 buckets of search queries:

  • Look for search queries that don’t have video results on Google SERPs but have a decent search volume, and optimize your videos with these keywords, you can rank your videos on Google easily. Which means you can drive a substantial amount of targeted traffic to your YouTube videos and website.
  • Look for search queries that have high search volume on Google SERPs, but optimizing for this bucket will be very competitive because some videos might be ranking on the SERPs for these same keywords already. However, once you have optimized your videos for these keywords and begin to rank for them, you’ll notice a sudden spike in your traffic.
  • Use Tubebuddy to find less competitive keywords you can easily rank for. Tubebuddy is free but they have the paid version which gives you more features. You can get it here.

No5. Research More Keyword Ideas

For you to get good keyword suggestions, try using these three methods:

  1. Use the YouTube Autocomplete search feature:
    you can start by typing your primary keywords, and YouTube’s search box will start displaying a drop down list with other related keywords automatically. You should make a list of them because they are based on the searches performed by users. 
  2. Use the Google Autocomplete search feature:
    just like you deed on YouTube, you can use Google to extend your keyword list. 
  3. Try to get more insights with online Rank Trackers:

What you should do now is to compile the keywords you got from both YouTube and Google in one excel sheet. You can then upload them on www.RankWatch.com via csv file and you will discover more suggestions and gain insights into your competitor’s keywords.

Once you do this, the results will show you the search trend and the search volume of each keyword. But ensure your keywords have a search volume of at least 350 searches per month. Once you target these keywords, you can generate a decent amount of quality organic traffic to your YouTube videos.

No6.  Create Catchy and Custom Thumbnail

Here is next step on how to index youtube video on google.

Although thumbnails are not part of ranking factor, but it affects your video engagement. So when you add a custom thumbnail to your video that are eye catchy and attractive, it will improve your click through rate (CTR). Once your video content has enough engagement, the Watch Time of your video will increase, which will make it reach a higher rank.

The good thing about YouTube is that they allow you to choose 1 to 3 random screenshots from your video. What you should do is to take the best moments from your video, add text, and use bold colors that will stand out on Google.

This is how to make your video appear first on YouTube and even on Google search results.

No7. Embedding Your Videos On As Many Websites As You Can for Backlinks

The final step to rank YouTube video on first page of Google in minutes is creating backlinks to the video.

One of the great ways to get embeds links and views for your YouTube videos and rank higher is to publish them on your web 2.0 accounts such as the ones listed below. Not a difficult task though, just use the same format as when submitting to your blog or your website.

By doing these, both Google and YouTube will know that your videos are being embedded on blogs and other websites. This means that your videos will be perceived to be useful and good in quality, because it’s something people are already enjoying.























My Final Words

I have been able to share with you How to rank on the first page of Google with a YouTube video, but no matter the strategy used, the key to ranking higher is creating excellent video content that adds value and engages the viewers.

So you need to create well-optimized video content, and use the tricks as mentioned above and establish a prominent YouTube presence and rank higher.

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